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Tater tot hot dogs prove that buns are so last year


SheKnows Editorial

There are some things about putting a hot dog in a bread bun that just don’t make any sense.

The bread doesn’t really add any flavor of its own — it’s usually just a bland vessel that gets your ‘dog to your mouth as quickly as possible. Texturally, it’s usually kind of a dud too — soft bread, soft hot dog, no contrast to speak of.

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Tater tot hot dogs
Image: Oh, Bite It!

That’s why these tater tot buns from Oh, Bite It! make so much sense. Gone is the bland bread bun — suddenly you have salty, fried potato goodness as your vessel. And soft and boring the texture is not — you have a crispy tater tot with soft insides cradling the snappy fried casing of your hot dog, which remains soft and chewy inside as well. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about making a side dish for your ‘dog; the crispy tater tot bun is enough.

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Best of all, these are pretty easy to make. All you need are your hot dogs, some mashed tater tots, flour, an egg and oil for frying. The mashed tots are seasoned and mixed with the egg, flour and a splash of water. This “dough” is then formed around your ‘dogs, which are fried until crispy and golden.

The resulting taste bud nirvana will totally change the way you think about the humble hot dog.

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