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16 Really weird food habits, according to Reddit


SheKnows Editorial

Everyone has weird food rituals.

Some of us always take our Oreos apart before we eat them; others eat the croutons out of their salad first (or save them for last). But sometimes, you hear of an unusual eating habit that really takes your breath away. Thanks to Reddit, we recently learned about a bunch of strange food rituals, ranging from helpful hacks to gag-inducing snacks.

1. Oh, Mitch

“My co-worker 1.) Takes his sandwich out of the fridge. 2.) Removes the single slice of swiss cheese. 3.) Eats his sandwich. 4.) Places the cheese slice on a plate. 5.) Puts this in the toaster oven until melted. 6.) Proceeds to eat the cheese with a fork and knife. Mitch, if you are reading this, It’s weird!” — today_is_yesterday

2. Rollin’ with the Cheez-Its

“After cooking the Pizza Rolls, insert a Cheez-It into the little slit that opens up during the cooking process… soft n crunchy” — makeshift101

3. Peanut better

“I microwave peanut butter for ~30 seconds in a mug and then I put about a half cup of almonds in it and mix it up and eat it. It’s f*****g delicious, when the peanut butter melts a bit it’s all warm and liquid-y and I feel like I’m eating a really decadent dessert, plus it actually fills me up. I don’t eat peanut butter sandwiches or anything like that, this is the only reason I buy peanut butter.” — lioninacoma

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4. In a crunch

“My sister absolutely refuses to eat sandwiches without Doritos in them. She has her own private stash of sandwich Doritos.” — koalafiediswear

5. Keep it clean

“I like to eat popcorn with chopsticks so that my fingers don’t get dirty” — mattymck

6. The upper crust

“I peel and eat the crust off Chicken McNuggets before eating the actual chicken.” — TheCoastalService

7. The stuff of nightmares

“I like eating a cold hotdog before I go to bed at night. I also nibble the skin off first then eat the skinless hotdog. I have no regrets.” — masculine_manta_ray

8. Chunky stuff

“I use cottage cheese as a dip for potato chips.” — SnapeWho

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9. Too far

“I eat the crunchy bits off popcorn first and then leave the fluffy ‘melt in your mouth’ bits in a separate bowl so that I can eat them last. It’s a process but so worth it!” — delinad

10. Noooooooooo

“I’ll cut a stick of butter into 10 pieces, then put three pieces in a bowl. I’ll add a lot of mayonnaise and a lot of hot sauce. I’ll microwave it for like 20 seconds so the butter gets a little soft and then stir everything up. It’s so bad for me but it tastes so good.”

“My weirdest one is probably that I secretly like eating the paper that comes on the bottom of cupcakes and muffins. It’s like having two treats in one.” — a_great_thinker

11. Who hurt you?

“Whenever I open a can of baked beans I ‘drink’ a mouthful of them cold.” — Megaross

12. Dinner for breakfast

“Sometimes I have steak and salad for breakfast, washed down with a beer. Best way to start the day if you ask me.” — Hythy

13. Raw foodist

“I like eating raw spring roll wrappers. Elastic and chewy. I’ve liked it since I was a kid and have on occasion bought spring roll wrappers to snack on.” — Philofelinist

14. DIY cleaner

“I eat raw lemon with s***loads of salt.” — Madamecoco

(Also, literally what you use to clean a wooden cutting board, FYI.)

15. Childhood scars

“I sometimes eat cookies with ketchup. I did it because of a dare in first grade and stuck with it ever since.” — Alsmith69

16. Doritos milk?!

“Cheese doritos dipped in milk, then suck the cheese milk off the chip and eat the naked chip. Delicious.” — gumgooki

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What’s your most unusual food habit?

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