Blair Borthwick's juices let you mind your health and still enjoy a cocktail

Oct 1, 2015 at 5:00 a.m. ET

Did Blair convince you in her 60 seconds? Does she have what it takes to revolutionize our drinking habits and make us all healthier and happier in the process? Read on to find out more:

Here are 10 questions for Blair.

Why is your pitch a game changer? We are the first all-natural, low-calorie, cold-pressed juice cocktail mixer. Our flavors are uniquely delicious and enable health-conscious people who enjoy the occasional cocktail to make a gorgeous drink at home by simply adding their alcohol of choice and ice.

First job? I worked in an art gallery.

Who is your biggest advocate? My husband. And since he is a tech entrepreneur, he has been generous with creative, inspiring, outside-the-box ideas for how we can build this business in nontraditional ways.

Lightbulb moment? When I realized how much wine, beer and simple-syrup-infused cocktails were adding to my caloric intake and how much those drinks — and all that sugar — affected my performance in early-morning workouts and my ability to lose weight. I thought, "There must be something else I can drink that won't undo all the exercise, love and care I give my body."

Who inspires you this week? I am hugely inspired by Elon Musk. He is an entrepreneur who uses his genius to move the human race forward, from SpaceX to Tesla to SolarCity. He is audacious in his goals, always takes the long view and finds ways to learn and profit profoundly from every setback. He is my superhero.

Where do you do your best work? In my office on Shelter Island. We launched CleanDrinking Juices in the Hamptons this summer, and working out there was so inspiring: the light, the water, the beach, the gorgeous people in bikinis are all reminders of the reason I believe in our juice. We are empowering people with healthy drinking options when they want a cocktail. This just does not exist in the market right now beyond our juice.

Favorite female-led entrepreneurial venture outside your own? Like many women in New York, I am hugely inspired by Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice and how they built their cult brand, SoulCycle. They truly appreciated early on that SoulCycle was so much more than a workout, and built the brand as a community happening with a pop-spiritual undercurrent that creates a very addictive experience. It will be fascinating to see if a public company can maintain that level of soul.

In 10 years you will be… Hopefully in New York City, making functional, necessary and beautiful things... maybe the next generation of cocktail mixers, maybe jewelry, maybe painting, but definitely still creating.

Guilty pleasure? Disappearing to Lake Como with my family.

Favorite book? Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning.

Socials: Twitter.

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