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A real chef makes Honey Boo Boo’s sketti, but makes 1 big mistake (VIDEO)


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What happens when you get a professional chef to make Honey Boo Boo’s infamous favorite meal, sketti?

Well, they immediately mess it up by being too fancy.

The three ingredients in sketti are spaghetti, ketchup and “butter.” But viewers of the show know that Mama June isn’t cooking with real butter — she’s a margarine aficionado, through and through.

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Unsurprisingly, Chef Daniel Holzman didn’t realize that to some people, butter and margarine are pretty much interchangeable, and he went with the real stuff. He also used De Cecco pasta, which is, like, the fanciest boxed pasta you can get at the store. I’m pretty sure Honey Boo Boo’s favorite meal is made with something a little more accessible. However, he did make sure to note that while he was using Heinz ketchup, you could use Hunt’s for authenticity.

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That said, he pretty much nails the recipe. Chef Holzman cooks the pasta well past al dente, just like Mama June makes it, then microwaves the ketchup and butter together until fully melted. After tossing the pasta and sauce in a big bowl, he takes a bite, and…? “Without being absurd or ridiculous about it? It’s delicious.”

Not willing to take his word for it? You can try the recipe yourself — just see how easy it is in the video.

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