8 Reasons the selfie spoon is a food lover's nightmare

Sep 23, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. ET

Cinnamon Toast Crunch was looking for a new marketing gimmick and finally landed on the "selfie spoon," which is probably the worst news for food lovers imaginable. Real chow hounds know mealtime isn't for hipster Instagrams and selfies. Now we're all potentially going to be staring down the barrel of a spoon that will capture our every mealtime slurp, burp and drool. Fantastic.

Yes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch will be giving away free selfie spoons (you just pay shipping and handling) as part of its latest promotion. The spoon extends up to 30 inches and is supposed to let you snap the perf selfie of both you and your cereal. But as Cinnamon Toast Crunch slowly trickles selfie spoons into the market, we can only imagine the many humiliating moments those damn spoons are going to capture.

1. Your food isn't interesting (or sexy) 

instagram food
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First of all, let's get one thing straight: No one wants to see pictures of stuff you ate. It's not interesting, and even Kim K. gives it the harshest critique in her universe: It's not sexy. Agree.

2. Mealtime isn't our prettiest time

pictures of you eating
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Wolfing down half a lasagna with a fork in one hand and a piece of garlic bread in the other isn't how I'd like to be promoted across social media, thankyouverymuch.

3. Order your own fries!

steal food
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It seems the selfie spoon is the ultimate decoy for sneaky selife snappers trying to swipe your food, and I'm not falling for it.

4. This is my happy place

enjoying her food
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You don't necessarily want everyone catching video of you enjoying your new fave tasty treat if it's something that really gets your motor running.

5. Emotional eating is real

selfie spoon emotional eating
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For many food lovers, eating is an emotional experience you don't want to share with everyone across all of your social media platforms.

7. Even Giada looks lame licking a cake! Giada!

giada licking cake
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So can we all agree that no one is going to have a flattering picture taken mid-bite with a selfie spoon?

8. How many trips to the brunch buffet?

key and peele
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Let's leave the selfie spoons, sticks and all the rest at home. Because no one should have to worry what they look like while eating something delicious, especially when it means five trips to the buffet.

Here's how to get your own selfie spoon and annoy every food lover in your life.


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