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Hulk princess cake would make anyone’s birthday better


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The grocery store bakery aisle is usually a dismal place if you’re looking for a unique birthday cake.

Your options are seemingly always either over-the-top pink and frilly princess cakes or confections covered in camo print with a monster truck smashing through the side. But what if your kid (like, um, most kids) is more nuanced than that? If you’re anything like these parents on Reddit, you take matters into your own hands.

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Their 4-year-old twin girls wanted a Hulk princess cake for their birthday, and rather than settling for just another pink princess cake from the bakery aisle, these parents took their birthday cake-making skills to the next level with this Hulk princess realness.

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It’s pretty common for parents to go with “tradition” when it comes to these kinds of things. I remember getting a Barbie cake for my birthday when I was little, when what I really wanted was a Power Rangers cake, but I knew that Power Rangers weren’t “for girls,” so I was too afraid to ask for one.

Being peppered with gender-specific advertisements for everything from pens to food can really do a number on kids, so it’s amazing to see how these parents really listened to what their kids wanted and just went with it instead of trying to make them fit with a certain norm. And honestly, I may be getting up there in years, but if someone gave me a Hulk princess cake for my birthday, I would be very, very thrilled. Think about how much happier birthdays could be if everyone got the cake they truly wanted.

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