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McDonald’s changes menus following food labelling law breach

McDonald’s landed themselves in a spot of hot water recently, after their new digital menu boards were found to be in breach of food labelling laws.

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According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the digital screens, introduced in 700 stores nationwide, did not adequately display nutritional information. Customers were reportedly made to wait for up to one minute before the boards displayed the kilojoules of each item, which then only lasted for around seven seconds before disappearing.

This resulted in the New South Wales Food Authority stepping in and demanding that the fast food giant rectify the problem. The food labelling laws require larger fast food and snack chains to clearly display the kilojoules next to the price of each product in a bid to help consumers make informed nutritional decisions. Failure to comply with these laws could result in fines of up to $275,000.

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However, McDonald’s will not be penalised, but they will be changing all of their menus by the end of September, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

According to the publication, on Monday, McDonald’s spokesman Chris Grant said, “In consultation with the NSW Food Authority we have proactively made some edits to our new digital menu boards to enable additional comparison between products.

“We are fully supportive of kilojoule labelling as a way to provide our customers with information to help them make informed choices,” he continued.

A spokeswoman for the NSW Food Authority revealed that they were working closely with McDonald’s to resolve the menu board problem and that the company has been “compliant” in relation to the changes, the Daily Mail Australia reports.

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The spokeswoman also stated that the NSW Food Authority will ensure that the new menu board meets “kilojoule labelling requirements in NSW.”

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