Taco Tuesday: 10 Chicken tacos that are anything but boring

Sep 15, 2015 at 8:50 a.m. ET

Tacos are always delicious, but sometimes you worry about falling into a rut. Luckily these mouthwatering recipes prove that your chicken tacos don't always have to taste the same.

1. Oven-fried Korean chicken tacos

korean chicken tacos
Image: Cooking and Beer

These crispy, sweet and spicy Korean chicken tacos deserve a spot in your permanent rotation.

2. Guinness chicken tacos

Guinness chicken tacos
Image: The Kitchen Paper

Guinness and honey make these pulled chicken tacos totally tasty and truly unique.

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3. Jamaican jerk chicken tacos

jamaican jerk chicken tacos
Image: Le Creme de La Crumb

Spicy Jamaican jerk chicken tacos are the perfect way to enliven your Tuesday.

4. Mini Buffalo chicken tacos

buffalo chicken tacos
Image: The Chunky Chef

Break out of your taco slump with these Buffalo chicken mini tacos.

5. Chili lime chicken tacos with roasted pineapple

chili lime chicken tacos
Image: Happy Food Bites

These colorful chili lime chicken tacos are accented with sweet and smoky roasted pineapple.

6. Braised enchilada chicken tacos

chicken enchilada tacos
Image: Vodka and Biscuits

Combine two of your favorite Mexican dishes with these enchilada chicken tacos.

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7. Slow cooker Philly cheese chicken tacos

philly cheese chicken tacos
Image: Nutritionist in the Kitch

Slow-cooked chicken, peppers, onions and spices keep these tacos feeling light so you can use as much melted part-skim mozzarella and top as you like.

8. Thai red curry chicken tacos

curry chicken tacos
Image: The Devil Wears Parsley

Who would have thought that Thai red curry chicken and spicy peanut sauce could make such a tasty taco?

9. Moroccan chicken tacos with harissa salsa and goat cheese

Moroccan chicken tacos
Image: The Partial Ingredients

Wow your family and your mouth with these Moroccan spiced chicken tacos and harissa salsa.

10. General Tso's chicken tacos

general Tso's chicken tacos
Image: Just Putzing

Forget the fast food — you can combine your two takeout favorites in these tasty homemade General Tso's chicken tacos.

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