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20 Flavored Mayonnaise Recipes That’ll Add a Flavorful Kick

Whether you slather it on a sandwich or use it as a dip for fries, flavored mayonnaise will give your meal an extra hit of flavor. From giving it a spicy kick a la wasabi and Sriracha or a citrusy, zesty punch by adding lemon and cilantro, these additions will make you wonder why you never thought to elevate your mayo sooner.

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But before we get to our handy guide, below, we’ve listed a few important tips:

  • You can use your own homemade mayo, but creating these mixes with the store-bought stuff works brilliantly.
  • Liquid ingredients will thin your mayonnaise, so adding too much may make it runny. This is especially true if you’re using alternative mayos such as olive oil-based mayonnaise.
  • Adding dry seasonings can help thicken a runny mayo mix.
  • Fresh herbs give better flavor if they’re chopped very finely — think pulverized. Not only does it imbue more flavor, but when you destroy the plant matter, it releases all the juices and oils to really give that flavorful punch.
  • Whole ingredients like garlic and shallots should also be chopped very finely unless you like it chunky.
  • Use a mini-whisk to mix your mayo, but don’t whip it — rather, mix gently. Too-vigorous mixing can make your mayo too loose and runny.

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A version of this article was originally published in September 2015.

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