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Peanut butter and jelly sundae is a cool twist on the classic flavor combo

Dawn Harris

There’s something to be said about a classic flavor combination, peanut butter and jelly to be exact!


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just crave certain childhood favorites. Sometimes when preparing a sandwich favorite for my kids I crave a peanut butter and jelly too. Of course, now that I’m grown, my taste buds have changed too. While I still like the classic combination of peanut butter and jelly, I don’t always crave a sandwich with soft bread. However, I do crave the strawberry goodness with that classic peanut butter combination. It’s a play on that salty sweet that we all love, right?

Well, I have quite the surprise for you. You can create some treats reminiscent of that classic favorite, for yourself or for company, in a snap! This is a grown up treat that you don’t have to feel guilty about at all. Are you intrigued yet?

PBJ sundae snack recipe

Each of the Fiber One Soft Baked Peanut Butter Cookies has a rich peanut butter flavor in a delightfully soft and chewy cookie with 5 grams of fiber per serving and only 120 calories per cookie. They are super delicious and a great snack on their own, but just add a couple scoops of lowfat or nonfat frozen yogurt and you have a delicious guilt free treat that your guests are sure to love.




  1. Prepare one bowl or cup for each serving.
  2. Begin by adding one full scoop of frozen yogurt to your ice cream cup.
  3. Open up the single serving package for one cookie. Add the cookie to your ice cream cup.
  4. Add one more additional scoop of frozen yogurt to the cup.
  5. Add a dallop of whipped cream to the top of the ice cream.
  6. Add 2 to 3 slices of strawberry to the top.
  7. Sprinkle with chopped peanuts.
  8. Now it’s ready to serve with a spoon and enjoy!

The combination of peanut butter flavor and sweet fruit flavors brings back memories of younger days and simpler times. It’s an impressive treat with appeal and will have your guests thinking you spent a lot more time preparing. Everything comes together in well under 5 minutes, which makes it a great way to enjoy the memories with your loved ones instantly.

This post is part of a collaboration between Fiber One and SheKnows.

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