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6 Easy drinking games that guarantee a memorable girls’ night in

It’s girls’ night, and you need some new drinking games to liven up the party. Spice it up with these fun ideas.

Before we get to the games, though, make sure you play drinking games responsibly. Use low-alcohol-level beverages so you can play longer, and if someone starts to get too inebriated, they should switch to something else (and always have a selection of mocktails available for friends who can’t or don’t drink). And never, ever drink and drive. These games are intended to be played when you’re in for the evening and plan to stay the night.

1. Questions

Screw Truth or Dare. We all want the scoop on your personal life. The rules are simple. The host starts by asking a yes or no question of another player, who must answer honestly. The catch is you can’t hesitate, laugh, refuse to answer or repeat a question someone’s already asked (even of another player — that’s right, once a question is asked, it’s off the table). The person who answered goes next as questioner, so long as they didn’t violate any of the rules — otherwise, they drink, and the original questioner can ask another question of any player, including the one who just drank.

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2. Thumbs down

This is an easy one. When no one’s looking, the host simply presses her thumb casually against the table. The last person to notice and do the same loses. The fun of this game is no one realizing you’re doing it for a bit, so be sneaky. The person the host sees comply first is “it” (meaning it’s their turn to be in charge of the thumb).

3. Psychics

You can play this during any sporting event, live awards show… even the political debates. Each player acts as a psychic, predicting what events they think will happen during the show. Three to five items are selected by each player, depending on the length. They write them down on a piece of paper and seal them in an envelope. Multiple players may have the same predictions, which is fine.

During the game, no one can drink their alcoholic beverage unless something happens that someone predicted. But if your prediction comes up, you inform everyone, and they have to drink (if multiple people claim they predicted it, none of those people drink). Once your prediction is known, if it happens again, everyone who didn’t make that prediction has to drink. For example, if you predict that during a Washington-Dallas game, they’ll reference RG3 by his real name, each time they say “Griffin” in reference to him, the other players must drink. You are allowed to drink if you made the prediction, but aren’t required to. Failing to drink when required is punishable by another drink. Drinking when not allowed is punishable by the removal of your drink until the next person finishes theirs.

The foil here is that you can bluff. You can say you predicted something you didn’t. The other players must either accept your assertion, or one or more can call you on it. If they call you, your envelope is opened, and if they’re wrong, you get to decide whether they have to finish their drink or can’t drink the rest of the night, and you get to make your own choice about whether you drink or not for the rest of the night. If you were bluffing, they get to decide for you.

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4. I never…

Each player takes a turn stating things they’ve (truthfully) never done. Any player who has done it must drink.


This card game has multiple regional variations, and you’re welcome to make up your own. But as I was taught, each player turns over a card one at a time and has to take the action that card commands. When you get to the end of the pile, you shuffle and start over (if you dare). The card commands are as follows:

Ace: Take one drink

2: Take two drinks

3: Make another player take three drinks

4: Free “I never” statement to the group (see drinking game No. 4)

5: Take five (make players take a total of five drinks — one drink for five different people, or portion all five out as you choose)

6: Question one player (see drinking game No. 1)

7: Thumb rights (see drinking game No. 2; can be used anytime during play until someone else draws a 7, at which time they get thumb rights)

8: Scatterbrain (say the first word that comes to your mind, and starting clockwise, players must name something that goes with what you said or drink; original player is the judge of what works and what’s a stretch)

9: Busta Rhyme (say a word, and go around clockwise, with each player saying a word that rhymes with yours, or they have to drink; if you draw 9, go with “orange” — trust me)

10: Potty/refill/snack/smoke break (can be waived by unanimous vote if all parties agree to drink)

Jack: Males drink

Queen: Ladies drink

King: Everyone drinks 8 ounces (1 cup) of water

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6. Taboo

Each player is given a secret card known only to the host and that player at the beginning of the evening. The card will include an action, word or phrase that is likely to be done/spoken at least a few times during the evening, but not something so common as to be overdone (for example, the word “ice,” the act of getting a drink, etc.). Each time another guest does that action (the player’s taboo), the player must drink. It gets complicated because everyone is drinking all night. Everyone else must try to guess what someone else’s taboo is.

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