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18 Muffin tin dessert recipes, because mini treats are always more fun

Are you still just making muffins in those muffin tins? Muffins are fine, but these creative recipes for individual desserts will have you pulling out those muffin tins a lot more often.

18 Muffin tin dessert recipes, because mini treats are always more fun
Image: Tiffany Egbert/Sheknows

1. Oreo peanut butter brownie cakes

Oreo peanut butter brownie cakes
Image: Picky Palate

Stacked Oreo cookies and peanut butter are baked in brownie batter for these out-of-this-world Oreo peanut butter brownie cakes that everyone will love.

2. Almost no-bake mini chocolate-peanut butter pies

Almost no-bake mini chocolate peanut butter pies
Image: Carlsbad Cravings

Graham cracker and toffee crusts are filled with fluffy peanut butter cream cheese and drizzled with chocolate ganache for almost no-bake mini chocolate-peanut butter pies.

3. Clementine upside-down cakes

Clementine upside-down cakes
Image: Drizzle and Dip

These little cuties will have you waiting impatiently at the oven for a delightful bite of a clementine upside-down cake drizzled in orange syrup.

4. White chocolate-pumpkin cups

White chocolate pumpkin cups
Image: Oh My God Chocolate Desserts

White chocolate makes a perfect pumpkin pairing in these easy-to-make dessert cups filled with pumpkin cream cheese centers spiced with cinnamon.

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5. Chocolate-cranberry sweet rolls

Chocolate cranberry sweet rolls
Image: Bright-Eyed Baker

Baked with rich dark chocolate and tart cranberries, these intriguing chocolate-cranberry sweet rolls are a delicious finish to any meal.

6. Mini French silk cookie pies

Mini French silk cookie pies
Image: Well Plated

French silk meets American tradition when you combine the velvety-smooth chocolate filling with chocolate chip cookies in mini French silk pies you won’t soon forget.

7. Ice cream sundaes in oatmeal cookie cups

Ice cream sundaes in oatmeal cookie cups
Image: Barbara Bakes

Butter pecan ice cream topped with caramel and pecans transforms ordinary cookie dough into a decadent ice cream sundae in an oatmeal cookie cup.

8. Cannoli bites

Cannoli bites
Image: Cooking Classy

These cannoli bites may not be fried, but this inventive take on the classic pastry is just as delicate and creamy as the original.

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9. Mini cherry pies

Mini cherry pies
Image: Table for Two

Fresh cherry pie with a lattice crust just like Nana used to make, but, you know, smaller and way cuter.

10. Individual Oreo turtle cheesecakes

Individual Oreo turtle cheesecakes
Image: Lauren’s Latest

These quick and easy individual Oreo turtle cheesecakes may take only 10 minutes to make, but they’ll be gone even faster.

11. Mini banana cream cookie pies

Mini banana-cream cookie pies
Image: Girl Versus Dough

Chilled banana pudding is scooped into mini sugar cookie bowls and topped with a slice of fresh banana and whipped cream for a two-bite banana cream pie.

12. Cheesecake brownie bites

Cheesecake brownie bites
Image: The First Year

Homemade cheesecake filling and brownie batter are swirled together for a decadent cheesecake brownie bite that won’t make you choose between desserts.

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13. Texas pecan Roca

Texas pecan Roca
Image: The Novice Chef

In an assuredly Texan twist on Almond Roca, pecan butter crunch is coated with melted Hershey’s Kisses and crushed pecan pieces.

14. Cheesecake cupcakes with strawberry or salted caramel topping

Cheesecake cupcakes with strawberry or salted caramel topping
Image: Cooking Classy

A simple and elegant dessert cup, these cheesecake cupcakes are covered with sweet strawberry sauce or buttery salted caramel.

15. Mini Key lime cheesecakes

Mini key lime cheesecakes
Image: Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

Dive into the signature dessert of Key West without leaving your kitchen with these sweet and tart mini Key lime cheesecakes.

16. Mint chocolate cookie cups

Mint-chocolate cookie cups
Image: Live Well, Bake Often

Dimpled chocolate cookie cups are filled with refreshing mint frosting for this over-the-top treat.

17. Frosted candy bar-stuffed cookie cups

Frosted candy bar-stuffed cookie cups
Image: Kevin & Amanda

Soft and chewy cookie crust cups stuffed with a fun-size candy bar, frosted with vanilla buttercream and topped with crushed candy bars. I know, right?

18. Eggnog pecan tartlets

Eggnog pecan tartlets
Image: The Spice Train

Home for the holidays? Even if you aren’t, you’ll revel in the flavors of eggnog and pecan in these adorable individual dessert tartlets.

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