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10 International fast-food items we desperately want in the States

We all know there are versions of our favorite fast-food chains overseas, but what everyone might not realize is that they don’t always have exactly the same menu. In fact, sometimes their additions or alternatives look so delish, we wish they’d serve them here too.

1. Wild apple beef burger — McDonald’s Germany

wild apple beef burger

Image: McDonald’s Germany

Featuring juicy beef and topped with a spicy apple chutney in addition to typical hamburger toppers on a bun sprinkled with pumpkin seeds, this seasonal burger is available in Germany in the fall. What’s more American than an apple pie? A burger topped with apple chutney might do it.

2. Salmon and mascarpone with basil sauce — Subway Japan

smoked salmon sub

Image: Subway Japan

Maple-smoked Chilean salmon pairs so perfectly with creamy mascarpone and fresh basil sauce in this inspired sub, we can’t believe they wouldn’t roll that out here in a New York minute.

3. McArabia — McDonald’s Arab countries and Pakistan


Image: McDonald’s Arabia

The McArabia is pita bread filled with two grilled chicken patties, lettuce and tomatoes drizzled with garlic sauce. Sold in many other countries with slightly different names or even toppings, anything with garlic sauce would be a welcome addition to the American menu.

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4. Kuro Shogun burger — Burger King Japan

kuro shogun burger

Image: Burger King Japan

Bamboo charcoal-infused is the new black in Japan. The Kuro Shogun burger features beef topped with eggplant, bamboo charcoal-infused cheese and black hashed sauce (red wine, squid ink, onion, tomato and crushed garlic) atop a bun that’s also bamboo charcoal infused. It may look unusual, but it sounds rather tasty given all that smoky goodness.

5. 7-Layer burrito — Taco Bell India

7 layer burrito India

Image: Taco Bell India

A bit different from the seven-layer burrito in the U.S., the Indian version features Mexican rice, cheese sauce, potato bites, tomatoes, onions, peppers and either chicken or beans.

6. Max grilled burger — KFC Korea

max grill burger

Image: KFC Korea

The max grilled burger (translation provided by Google) is a grilled burger patty and a fried chicken patty topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese and a special sauce. Americans would be all over not having to choose between chicken and beef.

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7. Warm Belgian waffle — Burger King Germany


Image: Burger King Germany

Doesn’t get much sweeter than this. Germany’s Burger King menu features a light and airy Belgian waffle you can have topped with your choice of soft serve or whipped cream and chocolate or caramel. There’s nothing in that sentence to complain about in any country.

8. Birizza Biryani — Pizza Hut India

birizza biryani

Image: Pizza Hut India

The traditional Indian biryani gets a Pizza Hut twist with seasoned pizza dough added to the typical seasoned rice, meat and vegetables topped with masala gravy.

9. Ebi burger — McDonald’s Japan (and other Asian countries)

ebi burger

Image: McDonald’s Japan

Whole shrimp are breaded and turned into a single patty topped with lettuce and a fiery sauce and nestled between two halves of a sesame seed bun for this Asian answer to the Filet-O-Fish.

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10. McSpicy Paneer — McDonald’s India

mcspicy paneer

Image: McDonald’s India

Our heads are exploding. McDonald’s India brings us the holy grail of American indulgence. A slab of crispy coated paneer (a type of cheese) slathered in spicy sauce, topped with lettuce, wedged between two halves of sesame seed bun. What’s “meat” again?

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