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15 Delectable dip recipes that make watching football totally worth it

It’s football season again, and if you’re like me (the only person in my group of friends who pops for the NFL Sunday Ticket), you’ll be hosting a lot of parties this year. Football law states you must have at least two tasty dip options for your guests, but there’s no reason it has to be the same stuff every week.

People tend to think of fat-laden, store-bought options when they think of dips for football season, but let’s try to remember that liking football doesn’t make one a cave person who’s interested in nothing but chips and a yellow, melty concoction questionably referred to as cheese or bean dips that come in a can.

Besides, there’s bound to be some poor foodie there who doesn’t know a touchback from a touchdown and who needs something they can talk about intelligently.

1. Personal taco dips

individual taco dips

Image: We Are Not Martha

This fun little take on seven-layer dip is layered with seasoned beef, creamy avocados, spicy salsa and plenty of cheese, lettuce and sour cream to cut the heat. Keep a few of these mini taco dips meat free for a vegetarian option.

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