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Tomato soup-filled grilled cheese balls reimagine a classic lunch (VIDEO)


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Grilled cheese and tomato soup are a classic, but classics can get boring after a while. Luckily there are culinary adventurers who are more than willing to do the work of reinventing these old favorites in ways most of us could never even imagine.

Take Nick from DudeFoods, champion of all things deep fried. He recently came up with an ingenious way to repurpose a cake pop mold to make deep-fried tomato soup-filled grilled cheese balls.

grilled cheese balls with tomato soup

Image: DudeFoods/YouTube

By filling the cake pop mold with tomato soup and freezing it, he was able to create solid spheres of soup that could then be covered in a layer of bread, a layer of cheese and one more layer of bread before being dropped into the deep fryer. Once they fried up to a nice, golden brown, he cut into the balls, revealing gooey melted cheese and warm tomato soup. It’s like an American school kid’s version of xiaolongbao (Chinese soup dumplings).

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Once you have the method down, imagine the possibilities. You could obviously switch out different types of cheese or even use ham and cheese as the soup ball breading. And the soup itself could be anything from chicken noodle to broccoli-cheese. Or how about borscht-stuffed Reuben balls? The possibilities are endless — and tasty.

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