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The 3,500-calorie ‘man-wich’ is only for the strongest of stomachs

Ever watch The Great British Bake Off and think I’m going to try to make that? (Or, in my case, there’s no chance in hell I’ll ever make that). Well, one viewer had a slightly different reaction.

Butcher Chris Cunningham from Northern Ireland created an alternative to the dough-based delights on GBBO — and it’s unlikely to pass Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry’s taste test as it mainly consists of bacon and cheese.

The 26-year-old’s “man-wich” is made of over 20 slices of bacon and 1 pound of cheese and at 3,500 calories definitely won’t appeal to the healthy eaters out there.

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Chris documented the whole process on Snapchat, before eating the entire thing in one sitting.
Video credit: neWs tRack/YouTube

“I don’t like the Great British Bake Off, so when I see it I just think that I could make something much better than that,” Chris told the Daily Mail. “It’s all a bit pompous and I think this is how real sandwiches should be — meat first, and worry about the bread later.”

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Making the mammoth 4 pound sandwich required patience. “I had to fry it slowly on both sides for about half an hour just to make sure it all held together and it was cooked all the way round,” said Chris. “It took a hell of an effort but it worked well eventually. I just did it for a laugh really because I wanted to make something a bit epic. I was hungry and it was a bit of a joke.”

The “man-wich” isn’t the only crazy thing Chris has concocted in the kitchen — he’s also made a “burger inside a lasagne” and “two other meats within a steak” — but he’s hailed the whopper as the “best man food ever.”

“I think having the meat on the outside makes it a proper man’s meal,” he enthused. “So what if it’s a bit messy to eat, a real man doesn’t care about getting his hands dirty. Plus then you can lick your fingers clean.”

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