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Taco Tuesday: 10 Soft tacos that put crispy shells to shame


SheKnows Editorial

There’s nothing quite like a pillowy-soft tortilla stuffed full of tasty ingredients. Whether you like tender, slow-cooked meats, roasted veggies or inspired fruit salsas, crispy shells can’t hold a candle to these soft tacos.

1. Crispy cheese and jalapeño-stuffed zucchini flower soft tacos

Crispy cheese and jalapeno stuffed zucchini flower soft tacos

Image: White Pepper Project

Forget the crispy shell, and top your soft tacos with crispy cheese-stuffed zucchini flowers instead.

2. Spicy barbacoa soft tacos

spicy barbacoa soft tacos

Image: Bev Cooks

Spicy barbacoa is the perfect filling for a soft and tender tortilla.

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3. Easy vegetable soft tacos

Easy vegetable soft tacos

Image: Cookin’ Canuck

Tons of flavorful veggies pack these soft tacos to the brim.

4. Chipotle chicken soft tacos with pineapple salsa and slaw

Chipotle chicken soft tacos with pineapple salsa and slaw

Image: Boulder Locavore

Spicy chicken, tangy-sweet salsa and crunchy slaw make this a perfectly balanced soft taco.

5. Charbroiled lemongrass chicken and tamago banh mi tacos with 5-spice mayo

Charbroiled lemongrass chicken and tamago bahn mi tacos

Image: The Pig & Quill

This fusion soft taco is the stuff of dreams.

6. Buffalo chickpea soft tacos with avocado sour cream

buffalo chickpea tacos

Images: Olives for Dinner

Spicy Buffalo sauce never tasted so good as on chickpea tacos served with vegan avocado sour cream.

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7. Cajun shrimp tacos with mango salsa

Cajun shrimp tacos with mango salsa

Image: Thyme to Eat

Spicy, succulent Cajun shrimp and sweet mango salsa belong together in these soft tacos.

8. Curry and beer-battered fish tacos

Curry and beer battered fish tacos

Image: Heinstirred

These soft tacos are full of crispy fish fried in a flavorful beer and curry batter.

9. Pineapple-lime chicken soft tacos with avocado-pineapple salsa

Pineapple lime chicken soft tacos

Image: Little Kitchen, Big Bites

This citrusy chicken is mellowed out by creamy avocado and sweet pineapple salsa.

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10. Grilled shrimp tacos with cilantro pesto

Grilled shrimp tacos with cilantro pesto

Image: Brooklyn Homemaker

Pesto on a taco? You bet! It’s the perfect match for grilled shrimp in these soft tacos.

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