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13 Ways you should be using your pizza cutter but aren’t

How often do you break out your pizza cutter? If it’s only when you make pizza, you’re missing out — big time.

A pizza cutter can do so much more to make your time in the kitchen easier. These are our favorite uses for it (not including cutting pizza, of course). Try one today, and the rest as soon as you can.

1. Sandwiches

If you have small kids in the house, you are not done making a sandwich once you put the two pieces of bread together. Use the pizza cutter to get rid of the crust and cut the sandwich into more manageable pieces. That last grueling step will go a whole lot faster.

2. Brownies

Let that pan of brownies cool and then use a pizza cutter to slice it into equal pieces. So much faster and cleaner than a knife, I promise.

3. Noodles

If you make homemade noodles, use your pizza cutter to cut the dough into small pieces. It makes the job faster, and the pieces come out neater and equal in size.

4. Lettuce

Shredding lettuce for taco night can be a pain, but not when you use a pizza cutter to get it done.

5. Fondant

Are you an artist of fancy cakes? If so, try using a pizza cutter to get cleaner cuts in your fondant.

6. Flatbread

Cut flatbread in half for sandwiches or strips for dipping in seconds.

7. Quesadillas

All that cheese and filling can make it tricky to cut a quesadilla without making a mess. Use your pizza cutter and you’ll be surprised how simple it can be.

8. Pancakes

Cut up your kiddo’s pancakes and waffles with this handy tool — you’ll actually have them ready to serve before they get cold.

9. Pie dough

Cut perfect strips for your lattice-top pie with your trusty pizza cutter.

10. Herbs

Dice up herbs by laying them flat on a cutting board and running your pizza cutter over them a few times.

11. Veggies

Celery, onions, peppers and more can be sliced in seconds with a pizza cutter.

12. Fudge

Don’t end up with a fight in your kitchen over the biggest slice of homemade fudge. The next time you make up a batch, cut it into equal pieces with your pizza cutter.

13. Dumplings

Cut up biscuit dough for dumplings with ease using your new favorite kitchen tool.

This post was brought to you by Mueller’s and Ronco Pot-Sized Pasta.

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