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13 Pastas and their perfect sauce pairings

Believe it or not, the numerous options you have for pasta have a purpose — and that purpose is to complement a show-stopping sauce. The trick is to discover which shape pairs perfectly with your sauce of choice so that you can create a pasta match made in heaven.

So romantic, right? Get after it, matchmaker. The perfect pairing awaits.

When you put on your apron to whip together your pairing of choice, just make sure to follow these tips for pasta success:

1. Let it roll

Only add pasta to the water once you have a rolling boil.

2. It’s art, not science

Pasta quality and sizes vary, so you can only make sure you’re not overcooking or undercooking your pasta by keeping an eye on it and trying it.

3. Do you like it al dente?

Cooking time also depends on if you want your pasta more or less “done.” Check the package for suggested cooking time but test the pasta along the way to your preferred softness.

4. Opposites attract

When in doubt, pick a sauce that is the opposite texture of your pasta choice so that they are more likely to complement each other. For instance, choose a chunky sauce to pair with smooth penne pasta.

Sources: BBC Good Food, Fine Cooking

This post was brought to you by Mueller’s and Ronco Pot-Sized Pasta.

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