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5 Cooking hacks to the fastest spaghetti dinner ever

Spaghetti is an easy go-to dinner on nights when you’re short on time, but at your busiest, even spaghetti can’t get on the table quick enough.

Use these hacks to make your quick dinners even quicker.

1. Add your salt later

It’s true that adding salt to your water enhances the taste of your pasta, but don’t add the salt until the water is already boiling. Adding it earlier will only increase the water’s boiling point, making the whole process take longer.

2. Use pot-sized pasta

Breaking up spaghetti makes it easier to eat, but it takes time (and usually makes a mess). Buy Mueller’s Pot-Sized Pasta to shave time off your cooking and your cleanup.

3. Precook your meat

The next time you get a free half hour or so, cook up a bunch of hamburger (or whatever meat you prefer in your sauce), and freeze it in baggies, separated by how much you’ll need per batch. Put it in the fridge to thaw the night before and you can skip the browning step when you’re cooking. Just take it out of the freezer and add it to your sauce.

4. Buy pre-cut veggies

Vegetables like onions and peppers add a lot to your sauce, but cutting them up takes time. You can always cut and freeze your own ahead of time, but it’s even easier to buy the chopped, frozen version. You don’t even have to thaw them before adding to your sauce.

5. Or, boil your vegetables

If you prefer fresh veggies in your sauce, there’s no need to add a step to cook them. Boil them with your pasta to save time. It may sound weird, but it’s all going to end up on the plate together anyway, right?

This post was brought to you by Mueller’s and Ronco Pot-Sized Pasta.

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