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Eatable News: The food stories we’re devouring this week

At SheKnows Food, we spend a lot of time reading about — you guessed it — food (and drinks too!). And we’ve come across some stories that are too good to not share. Here are the food items from the week that you don’t want to miss.

1. Very bad news for PSL fans

Starbucks just announced the release date for the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and it’s not good. It’s really, really bad. Ready? This year, you won’t be sipping your PSLs in August — you will have to wait until Sept. 8. Gasp! Mind you, Sept. 8 is still summer, and drinking fall-flavored beverages in August is kind of like having Christmas merchandise displayed before Halloween, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Take solace in the fact that this year, at least there’s real pumpkin in your pumpkin latte. — Refinery29

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2. Wine is good in the summer (fall, winter and spring aren’t so bad either)

Sipping a glass of room temperature red in 100-degree heat probably doesn’t sound so good. But what if you put that bottle on ice? Turns out it’s not a cardinal sin to bust out the old ice bucket for reds. This, along with a few other quick tips, ensures that you’ll enjoy wine no matter what the temp. And there’s also a few reasonably priced recommendations for the next time you’re at the wine shop. Cheers. — Los Angeles Times

3. Celeb chefs aren’t that different from us

After seeing all the fancy dishes celeb chefs are always whipping up on TV, it’s hard not to think that they just sit around eating wagyu beef topped with a billion dollars worth of shaved truffles and caviar while sipping Dom Pérignon. But they’re more like you than you might have thought, at least when it comes to their guilty pleasures. Frozen pizza, greasy burgers, Frito pie… Find out what all your favorite chefs indulge in when the cameras aren’t rolling. — Thrillist

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4. It’s hard to not like something with the nickname “nooch”

If you haven’t gotten on the nutritional yeast bandwagon yet, it might be time to jump on. “Nooch,” as it is affectionately known as, is deactivated yeast that used to be reserved for vegans looking for a cheese substitute. But it’s become more mainstream, and we’ve seen it popping up in more recipes. Now’s the time to get acquainted with it — what it is and how it’s used — and you might just find that a sprinkling of nooch makes everything better. — The Kitchn

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5. Don’t be fooled when the chef comes to your table

A recent study by a Hong Kong-based hospitality company proved that we are very susceptible to being schmoozed. In a tasting between two dishes, one made with superior ingredients but presented anonymously, and one made with inferior ingredients but presented by the “chef” (actually the restaurant co-owner), the “chef”-made dish overwhelmingly won. Next time a chef pays you a visit table side, you’ll be ready. — Eater

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