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Black bun Batman Burger is a must-have for DC Comics fans


SheKnows Editorial

The ultimate meal for any comic book fan can be had at the DC Comics Super Hero Café in Asia.

The restaurant has locations in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China, and to celebrate the opening of its first store in Singapore, the restaurant brought out the big guns.

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It’s called the Dark Knight Mini Wagyu Beef Burger, and it means serious business. Featuring a black bun that’s colored with charcoal, a juicy wagyu beef patty and a bat signal right on the bun, it’s the perfect meal for die-hard Batman fans and lovers of unique burgers the world over.

Can you say yum? I think Bruce Wayne himself would be impressed by that sleek bun.
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Customers can do some shopping at the store, then move into the café area to enjoy the other comic book eats, like this Wonder Woman sandwich:

And if you’re into Batman but don’t want a burger, there’s a sausage option:

Or stop by for a breakfast of Superman pancakes and a superhero latte:

The only question is, when will we get to enjoy these comic-themed eats in the U.S.?

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