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Count Chocula beer is back, giving you an excuse to drink your breakfast


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Count Chocula beer is coming back.

For the second year in a row, Colorado’s Black Bottle Brewery is getting ready to make its Cerealiously Count Chocula beer. The chocolaty milk stout first hit shelves last October after the brewery caused some mild outrage locally when it bought out two grocery stores’ entire supply of Count Chocula cereal just in time for Halloween.

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This year it looks like the brewery’s getting the sweet stuff straight from the source — General Mills.

Black Bottle Brewery has an entire “Cerealiously” line of beers. In the past, it has included Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch, Reese’s Puffs and Lucky Charms sweet stouts. Last year the Count Chocula stout was made available on Oct. 30 in bars and liquor stores around Colorado, so if you live in the Centennial State, keep your eyes peeled.

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Surprisingly this is not the only cereal beer General Mills is working to put out. It has teamed up with Minneapolis beer makers Fulton Brewery to create HefeWheaties.

Fulton Brewing HefeWheaties

Image: General Mills

Though the beer doesn’t actually contain Wheaties cereal, it’s a hefeweizen made with the flavor profile of the cereal in mind. The beer will be available in Minnesota on Aug. 26, though depending on its popularity, Fulton Brewery has said it would consider wider distribution. But if not, add Minnesota and Colorado to your list of places to visit as soon as possible.

Because cereal beer waits for no one.

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