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Taco Tuesday: 10 Potato tacos you need in your life right now


SheKnows Editorial

Potato tacos, or tacos de papa, are a revelation. And if you’ve never tried them, this Taco Tuesday is your best excuse.

Whether you choose creamy mashed potatoes inside a crispy fried shell or sliced or roasted potatoes topped with cheese and salsa, tacos de papa are a hearty and delicious way to get your taco on.

1. Roasted garlic and buttermilk mashed potato tacos

Roasted garlic mashed potato tacos

Image: The Candid Appetite

You’ve got to try these roasted garlic and buttermilk mashed potato tacos, stuffed into a homemade, crispy tortilla and topped with cheese, avocado and salsa.

2. Spicy potato tacos

Spicy potato tacos

Image: Cup of Zest

Topped with purple cabbage and queso fresco, these spicy potato tacos are as visually striking as they are tasty.

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3. Chorizo and roasted red potato tacos

Chorizo and roasted red potato tacos

Image: The Primlani Kitchen

Creamy red potatoes, savory chorizo and chargrilled flour tortillas work together to make this totally stellar taco.

4. White bean and potato tacos

White bean and potato tacos

Image: Beard & Bonnet

These white bean and potato tacos are gluten-free and vegan, but you’ll be too focused on the amazing flavor to notice.

5. Simple fried potato tacos

Fried potato tacos

Image: Matt Bites

They may not be fancy, but they sure are tasty! These simple fried tacos are filled with mashed potatoes and maybe cheese or sour cream, if you have some lying around.

6. Crispy potato soft tacos

crispy potato soft tacos

Image: Southern Fatty

Topped with a creamy, spicy sauce, these crispy, oven-roasted potato soft tacos are definitely a must-try.

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7. Mushroom, potato and chorizo tacos

Mushroom chorizo and potato tacos

Images: What’s Gaby Cooking

Thanks to sautéed mushrooms, these chorizo and potato tacos have a nice, earthy note.

8. Tacos de canasta with spicy potatoes and cheese

Tacos de canasta with potatoes and cheese

Image: Hispanic Kitchen

Spicy sautéed potatoes and a crisped then steamed tortilla set these tacos de canasta apart from the crowd.

9. 3-Cheese potato tacos

three cheese potato tacos

Images: Muy Bueno Cookbook

Cheese and potatoes are a match made in heaven, and nowhere do they shine more brightly than in these tacos.

10. Fresh and spicy potato tacos

fresh and spicy potato tacos

Image: A House in the Hills

Fresh toppings like jalapeño, red onion, avocado and cilantro keep these potato tacos feeling light.

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