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5 Best places to order food online in Canada

It’s late. You just got home and you realize you have nothing in the refrigerator. You’re too tired to go out and you are definitely too tired to make anything. So what do you do?

You order dinner from your favourite restaurant without even leaving your couch, right? All you have to do is pick the food you want, pay online, and choose either delivery or pick up. So easy. And here are five sites that’ll let you do just that.

1. Just Eat

Just Eat serves most of Canada. It’s located in Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Québec, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. You can also get the app on your smartphone, iPhone or Android.


Image: Just Eat

2. Skip the Dishes

Ordering in doesn’t just mean you don’t have to cook, it also means you don’t have to clean up! Skip the Dishes is the perfect option after a long day at work. It is based in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and even a few American cities. Plus don’t miss out on their app — available for iPhones and Androids.


Image: Skip the Dishes

3. Orderit

Orderit is available in Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia. It may only reach a few provinces, but that means extra attention to your local restaurants.


Image: Orderit

4. TasteAway

If you live in Toronto then TasteAway is the online meal service for you! It can also reach a few surrounding towns, so be sure to check it out. They even have a points program for members that can score you discounts and other benefits.


Image: TasteAway

5. Takeout Nova Scotia

Takeout Nova Scotia is the perfect way to get all your local favourites delivered to your door. It’s great if you are new to the area or traveling since they only serve this province, they’ll know all of the best places to eat.


Image: Takeout Nova Scotia

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