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Pepsi removes aspartame to save its diet soda sales


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Sales of Diet Pepsi have been way down, but a change to the soda’s formula could be key to getting customers back on board.

The new Diet Pepsi will be rolling out this week. Instead of being sweetened with aspartame, the new recipe relies on ace-K and sucralose (aka Splenda).

A lot of people have concerns over the health effects of aspartame, and Seth Kaufman, a senior vice president at PepsiCo, told NBC that “it’s the No. 1 thing that our customers have been calling about.” The company hopes that those with concerns over the sweetener will be lured back to the brand’s diet soda.

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But for those Diet Pepsi aficionados out there, the change could be devastating. Kaufman also told NBC that the new Diet Pepsi tastes noticeably different from the old recipe, though it “should still be familiar to fans of Diet Pepsi.” But some dedicated fans already have concerns.

Hopefully the formula change isn’t too noticeable to most of Pepsi’s other customers, or the company could see loyal fans of Diet Pepsi flocking to other brands — like Coke, whose diet soda fan base is kind of hilarious in its intensity and anti-Pepsi sentiment.

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If you’re still concerned about the new artificial sweeteners affecting the taste of Diet Pepsi and aren’t ready to pledge allegiance to Coke, why not try one of these tasty infused waters to quench your thirst in the meantime?

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