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Taco Tuesday: 10 Cheesy tacos that will melt your heart


SheKnows Editorial

Whether you’re spooning a luscious cheese sauce over slow-cooked meat or baking up your tacos until they’re perfectly melty, you can’t go wrong with these cheesy taco recipes.

1. Mac and cheese tacos

Mac and cheese tacos

Image: Blog Chef

The cheesy, creamy comfort of mac and cheese is the secret to making these out-of-this-world tacos.

2. Cheesy baked tacos

Cheesy baked tacos

Image: Macheesmo

Never deal with cold shredded cheese on your tacos again. This recipe has you pop them in the oven so the cheese inside your tacos turns to gooey, melted perfection.

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3. Pulled chicken tacos

pulled chicken tacos

Image: A Family Feast

The secret to the super-melty cheese atop these pulled chicken tacos? A quick zap in the microwave before laying on the toppings.

4. Steak and whipped blue cheese tacos

Steak and whipped blue cheese tacos

Image: The Creative Bite

Lovers of funky blue cheese will fall in love with these hearty steak tacos. Blue and cream cheeses are whipped together to make a luscious spread which is the perfect counterpoint to the sweet and tangy balsamic caramelized onions and meaty New York steak.

5. Slow cooker chipotle pork tacos with jalapeño cheese sauce

cheesy tacos

This creamy jalapeño cheese sauce is a perfectly decadent topping for chipotle pork tacos.

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6. Cheddar cheese taco shells

cheddar cheese taco shells

Image: The Sleepy Time Gal

Give your tacos the ultimate cheesy boost with these cheddar cheese taco shells. They’re literally just made of melted, slightly browned cheese. Can you say “heaven”?

7. Chorizo cheese sauce tacos

Chorizo cheese sauce tacos

Image: Savour the Senses Blog

These chorizo and beef tacos are taken over the top with a creamy, slightly spicy cheddar-pepper jack cheese sauce.

8. Roasted chicken tacos with creamy goat cheese queso

Roasted chicken tacos with goat cheese queso

Image: How Sweet Eats

Spicy, tangy goat cheese queso is the star of these tacos — along with smokey lime-roasted chicken and some extra cheese crumbles, of course.

9. BBQ brisket tacos with Dubliner cheese sauce

BBQ brisket tacos with dubliner cheese sauce

Image: Girl Carnivore

Sweet and spicy BBQ brisket is paired with a super-creamy sharp Dubliner cheese sauce in this drool-worthy recipe.

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10. Slow cooker cream cheese chicken taquitos

Slow cooker cream cheese taquitos

Image: Creme de la Crumb

Cream cheese and shredded Colby make these slow cooker chicken taquitos the ultimate in cheesy comfort food.

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