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Clever (and healthy) lunchbox ideas your kids will eat up

It’s time to sharpen those pencils and fill the backpacks because back-to-school season is upon us!

Our kids have plenty to worry about with busy class schedules and meeting new friends, so try filling their lunchbox with healthy items that make them feel as though they’re top of the class! Continue reading for three simple DIY foods that may even convince your little one that “lunch” is their favorite subject.

1. Caprese kabobs

Fun lunchboxes

Let’s be honest, anything “mini” is instantly more fun! Turn a traditional caprese salad into a bite-sized snack by simply placing grape tomatoes, tortellini pasta, and mozzarella balls or string cheese on skewers or toothpicks. Try placing one extra food on the skewer that they haven’t ever tried… now is the perfect time to expand their palate!

2. Fun fruits

Fun lunchboxes

Lunch is instantly more fun when silly shapes are involved. Transport your kids to the tropics by turning a banana and kiwi into a “palm tree” and blueberries into “sand.” Let yourself get creative by testing out funny faces using fruits such as strawberries, mangoes, pears or other fruits you hope to infuse into your little ones’ diet.

3. Silly sandwiches

Lunch Box Foods

Image: Alexandra Frumberg and ALX Creatives

The night before school, ask your munchkin to help “make” their lunch, which not only gets them involved in the kitchen, but also allows you to spend time together. Cut turkey or veggie sandwiches in exciting shapes such as puzzle pieces or animals using sandwich slicers. If you don’t have slicers on hand, large cookie cutters work well too!

4. Love note

Best of all, don’t forget to place a little note with a funny joke or smiley face inside your little one’s lunchbox to let them know that you’re thinking of them!

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