13 Best crisp sandwiches on the Internet

Since we heard that the first English crisp sandwich shop had opened in Yorkshire, we’ve been thinking about exactly what constitutes a great crisp sandwich. What flavour of crisp? Which type of bread? What added ingredients — if any?

I’ve already revealed my personal preference when it comes to crisp butties but there are plenty more adventurous crisp sandwich fans out there.

So — purely in the name of research — here are 13 of the best crisp sandwiches on the Internet.

1. The classic: ready salted crisps and ketchup

Courtesy: iamfions/Instagram

2. BBQ crisps, hummus and… a chocolate bourbon?!

Courtesy: hollybuddz/Instagram

3. Layering with French Fries

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4. Doritos on a bed of butter

5. Reaching Canadian shores


6. The crisp sandwich goes posh

Courtesy: overlandtv/Instagram

7. Salt and vinegar on brown bread

Courtesy: lissidoll123/Instagram

8. Just a little crunch with original Pops

Courtesy: 1summerbody/Instagram

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9. Is that really strawberry jam?

Courtesy: kayeaffresco/Instagram

10. Ham, cheese and crinkle cut crisps

Courtesy: disco_diva31/Instagram

11. Simple but spicy: pickled onion Space Raiders on a plain roll

Courtesy: emmaellie/Instagram

12. A crisp sandwich — or a SLABwich?


13. Pepperoni Stars on a seeded bagel

Courtesy: grumpy_mcgrumpster/Instagram

Tell us: what would your perfect crisp sandwich filling be? Or is this whole idea just too gross?

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