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Fast-food restaurant worker caught wiping hamburger bun on floor (VIDEO)


SheKnows Editorial

The Internet is ablaze over a video of a fast-food worker doing the unthinkable: wiping the floor with a customer’s food.

The worker drops a bun on the ground and rubs it into the damp floor before proceeding to assemble the sandwich. It’s everyone’s fast-food nightmare come true — the sort of thing you read about on message boards and just hope that employees are falsely bragging or letting off steam. But, well, the video speaks for itself.

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The video was posted on Reddit, and people were both confused and angry.

“Who is stupid enough to tape themselves breaking health regulations?” user fundayz asked.

“‘Lolz dude we gonna put this s*** all over Facebook! It’s gonna get so many likes!'” peepingt0m sarcastically chimed in.

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But others took the incident much more seriously.

User Demosthenes 117 had this to say: “What a horrible human being. Obviously she should be fired and she should be forced to eat the Nasty Patty.” That’s the food service version of an eye for an eye, I guess.

Meanwhile, user calder wondered, “food tampering is a federal crime right?”

Now that the video has blown up, I’m sure the worker in the video is regretting their prank. We’ve contacted Checkers to see what they have to say about the incident, and will update if they respond.

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