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10 Inexpensive recipes for homemade fruit and veggie water infusions


SheKnows Editorial

Would you pay $6 for a few stalks of asparagus in a 16-ounce bottle of water?

That’s apparently what one Whole Foods in Brentwood, California, was caught “accidentally” selling over the weekend — especially strange considering that an entire bunch of asparagus at the store clocks in at around $5.

It ended up being a mistake, and the water has been pulled from the shelves, but it really struck a chord. With so many overpriced, supposedly healthy beverages on store shelves these days, it made me think that we’re all probably better off just trying to make our own infused waters at home. It couldn’t be easier, and it certainly won’t cost you $6.

Here are 10 decidedly less expensive ways to make your own fruit- and veggie-infused water at home.

1. Cucumber-, lemon- and mint-infused water

Cucumber lemon mint water

Citrus, mint and cucumber water is a refreshing blend that will totally kill your soda cravings.

2. Strawberry tops-infused water

strawberry tops infused water

Image: James Ransom/Food52

Drink something yummy and reduce your food waste by repurposing strawberry tops to make this infused water.

3. Strawberry- and orange-infused water

Strawberry orange water

Image: Simple Vegan Blog

Sweet, tart and with a vitamin C boost, this strawberry-orange-infused water is the ultimate summer refresher.

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4. Cherry- and mint-infused water

cherry mint infused water

Image: Little House Living

Make your water extra special with ripe, dark cherries and a few fresh sprigs of mint.

5. Apple infused-water

Apple cinnamon water

Image: Budget Savvy Diva

Perfect for fall, this simple apple-cinnamon water is a fun way to stay hydrated.

6. Cucumber- and basil-infused water

cucumber basil water

Image: Krystal’s Kitsch

Herbal and cooling, this cucumber-basil water is a welcome treat on warm days.

7. Peach- and sage-infused water

Peach sage water

Image: Style Blueprint

This unique infused water looks as pretty as it tastes.

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8. Blueberry- and orange-infused water

Blueberry orange water

Image: The Peach Kitchen

Sweet blueberries are the perfect pairing for slightly tart oranges in this infused water.

9. Mango- and basil-infused water

mango basil infused water

Image: Hello Natural

Get tropical with this flavorful blend of mangoes and basil.

10. Blueberry-, lime- and cilantro-infused water

Blueberry lime and cilantro water

Image: Tasty Yummies

Herbal, tangy and sweet, this blueberry-, lime- and cilantro-infused water offers something for everyone.

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