10 Adorably ‘ugly’ fruits and veggies you should definitely still eat

If you’ve ever had a garden or shopped at a farmers market, you know there’s more to fresh produce than the stick-straight carrots and perfectly round potatoes you get at the grocery store.

But surprisingly, a lot of perfectly edible, oddly shaped (some might even call it ugly) produce never even gets to the store. In fact, almost 26 percent of all produce is thrown away before it makes it to market, largely because it doesn’t meet the cosmetic standards of large grocers.

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There are even campaigns to get these stores to start carrying the “ugly” produce, like the #WhatTheFork campaign. And after taking a look at some of these totally adorable “ugly” fruits and veggies, I’m convinced they should be in stores too.

1. I love potatoes

And potatoes love me.

2. Cool as a carrot

This leggy carrot is straight chillaxin’.

3. Crazy fruit

This pineapple has gone wild! Just imagine how many piña coladas you could make with one of these.

4. Red rooster

Is it a rooster? A calm duck carrying a peach? Either way, it’s pretty adorable.

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5. Quack!

These yellow squash, craning their necks toward the sun, are clearly ducks in disguise.

6. Along for the ride

To me this looks like a strawberry riding a chubby winged strawberry Pegasus. Aka I would buy it in a second.

7. Astro-carrot

This astronaut carrot proves that ugly produce can be totally out of this world.

8. Embrace the ugly

Like, if this isn’t the cutest vegetable-related thing you’ve ever seen, then I am actually very jealous of you.

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9. Pretty produce

Irregular produce is deemed “ugly,” but this crazy heirloom tomato looks like a gorgeous flower to me.

10. Work it out

This troupe of carrots looks like it’s working on a modern dance routine.


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