First English crisp sandwich café opens in Yorkshire

I have something to confess that will have my personal trainer choking on her protein shake. I love crisp sandwiches. Well, once upon a time I did. I haven’t had one for decades (I promise).

But since hearing that England’s first crisp sandwich café has opened in Yorkshire it’s all I can think about. I can definitely relate to those described by Mr Crisp owner Mark Pearson as liking a “little crunch in their lunch.”

These days I’m a very healthy lady. I rarely eat crisps, never mind crisps between two slices of bread. But when I was a teenager it was all about convenience. I had far too much living to do to bother about preparing salads and monitoring my saturated fat intake. I had a weekend job in a local shop and on my break my snack would consist of a soft white roll and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps. Not only was it incredibly tasty, it was dirt cheap — perfect for a Saturday girl’s purse.

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Personally I always remained faithful to my salt and vinegar/white roll combo but Mr Crisp sells 50 different flavours of crisp, with a “retro” selection alongside all the modern favourites, and various sauces and condiments to add a little extra to the meal. So you could have Monster Munch drizzled with salad cream, Hula Hoops covered in chocolate spread or ready salted crips smothered in ketchup, with prices starting from a very reasonable £1.

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“I have always had an idea to launch a crisp sandwich shop,” Mr Pearson told the Mirror. “When I saw the one launch in Belfast, I thought the only way I can find out if a crisp sandwich shop can succeed over here is by giving it a go myself. I sat on the idea for six months, working on sourcing which crisps and flavours to have and doing some market research. Now I feel the time is now or never. I could either sit on the fence and get left behind or go and take a chance.”

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Since Mr Crisp opened in Keighley on July 30 customers from as far afield as London have visited to check out the crisp butties. Stay tuned for the results of their “ultimate crisp sandwich” survey. I’m not sure I’ll be making the seven-hour round trip to sample the crispy offerings any time soon so, in the meantime, I’m off to buy a packet of salt and vinegar and a soft white roll.


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