This mum’s cartoon-inspired meals are about to make kids everywhere jealous

It takes a lot of time and energy to make sure your child is getting the essential vitamins and nutrients. It can be even harder if you are dealing with a fussy eater. This mum has found a brilliant solution — and we kind of wish she could make our lunches, too.

To make healthy foods fun, Laleh Mohmedi, from Melbourne, prepares cartoon-inspired meals. Her 2-year-old son, Jacob is the lucky recipient of her amazing creations. Most of her meals consist of spelt pancakes, wholemeal wraps, egg whites and many different fruits and vegetables, ranging from apples and strawberries to cucumbers and zucchini.

Mohmedi hopes one day she’ll make a book of all of her beautiful food creations to share with other mothers. Until then, we get to enjoy her food art through the photos she posts on social media.

Jacob's Food Diaries - Cartoon-inspired food

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