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Taco Tuesday: 10 Dessert tacos that prove sweet is better than savory


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It turns out that everything you love about tacos (lots of variety, portability, yummy toppings) can make dessert better too.

From chocolate tortillas to fresh fruit and Nutella, these creative, sweet tacos will have you leaving extra room for dessert.

1. Fruit tacos with chocolate tortillas recipe

Fruit tacos with a chocolate tortilla

Homemade chocolate tortillas are the perfect vehicle for an abundance of fresh fruit in this healthy take on dessert tacos.

2. Homemade choco tacos recipe

Homemade choco tacos

This gas station freezer aisle favorite gets a decadent makeover in this homemade choco taco recipe.

3. Mini taco cookies recipe

Mini taco cookies

These mini cookie tacos are adorable and the cutest dessert for any party.

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4. Strawberry-raspberry Nutella dessert tacos recipe

Strawberry nutella dessert tacos

Image: Katie’s Cucina

Sweet berries smothered with whipped topping, then nestled between creamy Nutella and a crunchy cinnamon-sugar tortilla make for an unforgettable dessert taco.

5. Easy summer dessert tacos recipe

Easy summer dessert tacos

Image: Creme de la Crumb

Crepe tortilla shells, vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit mean this dessert taco recipe is a must-try.

6. Bacon weave choco taco recipe

Bacon weave choco taco

Image: Dude Foods

Sweet, salty and savory are combined flawlessly in this borderline obscene bacon weave choco taco.

7. Apple pie tacos recipe

Apple pie tacos

Image: Spend with Pennies

Tart, sweet and spiced apple pie filling finds a home in a deep-fried cinnamon-sugar taco shell in this tasty recipe.

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8. Paleo dessert taco recipe

Paleo dessert tacos

Image: Predominantly Paleo

Dessert doesn’t have to be dangerous, as proven by these healthy paleo dessert tacos.

9. Mini fruit tacos recipe

Mini fruit tacos

Image: Sugar Dish Me

These colorful mini fruit tacos effortlessly combine fresh flavors with a tasty treat for a well-balanced dessert.

10. Pumpkin pie mini tacos recipe

Pumpkin pie mini tacos

Image: Lauren’s Latest

If you’re in the mood for something different, then these pumpkin pie mini tacos are sure to hit the spot.

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