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12 Stylish decorating ideas for your next summer soirée

Whether you’re planning a backyard barbecue, a summer pool party or just a girl’s night in, you are in for a very special treat. Well more like 12 personable and practical ideas for your next shindig. Entertaining can be daunting since it requires proper planning. All in all, it can include a budget, decorating, a guest list, catering or food and so on and so on.

With sites like Pinterest spewing out clever and crafty concepts, it has become easier to search for more innovative things to add to our small gathering or party of the year. Have you ever arrived at a party and once you walk in, you are immediately amazed at the details? You get up close and personal to seeing how cute the drink stirrers are or how lovely the tablescape is? That’s exactly how your guest will feel once they notice one of these refreshingly cool ideas incorporated into your decorations.

Hosting a party should be fun and exciting, not dreadful. Although at some point, there will be a moment of stress, whether it’s before or after the event — I just have to keep it real. However, let’s take a breather and enjoy these 12 fascinating ideas for your next Summer Soirée. Might I add, they are all easy to moderate when it comes to putting it all together.

1. Flower arrangements with lemon

Image: Dazzle Photography

Fresh Blooms dipped in lemon slices for a pleasant fragrance. When you combine a pretty bouquet of flowers in a clear mason jar filled with bright yellow lemon slices, it serves two purposes: a lovely aroma and a wonderful centerpiece for decor.

2. Paint-dipped serveware

Image: Little Bit Funky

Paint-dipped wooden serveware. An easy DIY project for your next event that will add color and lots of Crayola flavor for your table.

3. Glittering vases

Image: Lauren Conrad

Add sequins to a vase for a glamour effect. Have your party shining bright like a diamond with specks of glitter floating at the base and sides of a see-through fixture.

4. Feather stirrers

Image: Palm Springs Style

Feather stirrers propped inside glasses. Mix in exotic printed feathers with a pop of color, like pink or turquoise, for a stand-out cocktail. This can be a DIY or you can buy some here.

5. An ice cream bar

Image: The Inspired Room

Ice cream bar with an encouraging slogan statement for your guests. There are so many themed bars to have at your party, but who doesn’t love ice cream or ice cream toppings? Whether it’s a mimosa bar, a bruschetta bar, or yogurt bar, these make-it-yourself areas are so popping for summer parties.

6. Colorful pineapples

Image: Pursuite of Shoes

Painted Pineapples. Now I don’t know about you, but I think the epitome of island or summer getaways is tropical fruit. So when I saw these pretty painted pineapples (say that three times fast), I instantly fell in love. The bonus part about this crafty project is that pineapples are inexpensive and rather big in size, so they will stand out at your event and won’t cost much to do it.

7. Vintage props

Image: HWTM

As a vintage lover, I wanted to include an oldie but goodie to this list. You may have seen vintage suitcases served as storage in bedrooms or other interior motives, so here you can use it as a prop for presenting your gift favors to your company. I absolutely love this idea.

8. Flower or fruit ice cubes

Image: Miss Buttercup

Flower ice cubes. The idea to freeze flowers in ice cubes to chill your wine or champagne is entirely chic and ridiculously gorgeous. Just remember to keep them in the freezer well up until your guests arrive. It makes the bottle that much more appealing.

9. Patterned table runners

Image: Brit

Striped runner. If you’re like me and don’t want your party to be too feminine or girly, then here is a great table runner to preppy-up your chicness. Bold black and white (or navy and white) stripes add a strong balance to exotic succulents and floral centerpieces.

10. Nautical details

Image: Frosted Petti Coat

Nautical details. Summer time usually equals nautical themes. Go to your local craft or fabric store and pick up some nautical striped ribbons to tie around chilled bottle beverages. Add the complimenting striped straw through the hole to give your guests the option to drink it with a straw.

11. Charming table cards

Image: Etsy/Cards and More by Terri

Tea party food cards. Shabby, chic table cards with charming prints is oh-so-stylish. It lets your friends know what’s on the menu and keeps the questions to a minimum.

12. Popsicles in Prosecco

Image: Luxe Crush

Now, here you have something refreshing and adult-appropriate for your guests. It’s like the best of both worlds when you see fruity ice pops sitting pretty in your glass filled with frothy Prosecco. I’m sure the taste goes up a notch when you combine sweet with sparkly.

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