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Pub serves meals in dog bowls


If you’re only just getting used to being served your restaurant fare on wooden chopping boards here’s something else to get your head around.

The “Dirty Dog’s Dinner” at the Varsity Warwick pub in Coventry comes in a stainless steel dog bowl (complete with paw print motifs around the side). However it’s not your usual canine feast — unless your mutt regularly tucks into sausages, smoky bacon, chips and baked beans.

The unusually presented meal isn’t a new addition to the pub’s menu but it’s only recently been shared online by We Want Plates, a website dedicated to protesting against the current foodie trend of presenting meals on novelty dishes instead of ordinary plates.

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The “Dirty Dog’s Dinner” is only available on a secret “Dirty Food” menu at the Varsity Warwick, which isn’t available to view online, and it may surprise you to hear that it’s such a popular choice with diners they can’t do without it.

“The fun choice of stainless steel serving dish was introduced some time ago and is very popular with our student customers,” a Varsity spokesperson told me. “We proposed removing it but our customers thought we were barking mad as they love it. Of course, customers wishing to eat off the more conventional plate can do so.”

Other dishes available on the “Dirty Food” menu include “Dirty Rocky” (battered chicken smothered in BBQ sauce and melted cheese with onion rings and chips) and “Dirty Burger” (a double beef burger topped with cheese, bacon, pulled pork, jalapeños, a fried egg, onion rings and relish and served with chips).

What do you think about eating your dinner from a dog’s bowl? (Yes, cutlery is provided…) 

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