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Sorry, Japan — your ‘new’ tomato bun burger isn’t really that new

A Japanese restaurant has started selling a low-cal tomato bun burger.

But it isn’t the first place to do so.

The burger is being hailed for its low-cal (just 227 calories), low-carb makeup thanks to replacing the traditional bun with two tomato halves. The combination, called the “tomami” burger, does sound tasty, but Mos Burger, the restaurant that created them, will be selling only 15 a day through August and at only one location in Osaki, Japan, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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An easier way to get your hands on one? Just make your own, like blogger The Iron You did all the way back in August 2013.

Tomato bun burger

Image: The Iron You

Best of all, when you make your own tomato bun burger, you can choose any topping you like; in this case, avocado, sprouts and a cumin-lime paleo mayo.

The tomatoes are deseeded and lightly pan-fried for extra flavor before being used as the bun, and since you’re making your own burger patties, you can add any seasonings you like.

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The result is a low-carb, low-cal, paleo tomato bun burger that tastes like summer barbecues but is basically a salad. In my book, that’s a total win. But if you have the frequent flier miles racked up, by all means, feel free to fly to Japan and tell us all about the tomami burger at Mos Burger.

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