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Ian McKellen makes the ‘best scrambled eggs in the world’


Who needs professional chefs when we have Sir Ian McKellen? He’s not just an award-winning actor, you know. He’s also a dab hand in the kitchen and scrambled eggs is his specialty.

He loves them so much that he chose to cook his “favourite breakfast” to celebrate the success of his latest film Mr Holmes.

Sir Ian shared his family recipe for the “best scrambled eggs in the world” with his Facebook fans, posting a 4 minute 20 second video on his official page with the caption: “Live from Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.”

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Wielding his spatula the 76-year-old Lord of The Rings actor demonstrates his personal method for perfect scrambled eggs. His top tips include using a saucepan instead of a frying pan, going heavy on the butter and constantly stirring the eggs in the pan so they don’t separate.

He also offers some handy suggestions for things you could do while you’re cooking your eggs: “‘As you are doing this you could listen to the radio or you could talk to your beloved.”

Video credit: Ian McKellen/Facebook

Naturally Sir Ian’s video triggered a lengthy debate about the best way to cook scrambled eggs. His look pretty damn good to me (they’re not burnt, for a start). In fact, the only thing that would improve them would be if Sir Ian himself was in my kitchen, serving them up with a twinkle in his eye.

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