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15 Zucchini noodle recipes that will make you crazy for zoodles

Vegetable noodles are all the rage these days, and you’d have to be hiding under a rock not to have heard of them. Kitchen gadgets, like vegetable spiral cutters, make it all the easier to replace heavy pasta with healthier options like zucchini, cucumber, carrots and sweet potatoes. And with summer in full swing, vegetable noodles can make light summer meals a snap.

Zucchini is perhaps the most popular choice for noodles. Its long, thin shape makes it easy to spiralize, and its neutral flavor means it pairs well with almost any sauce or topping. If you happen to have planted zucchini in your garden this summer, chances are that you already have the green summer squash coming out your ears and need as many recipes as you can get! You can use zucchini noodles raw or cooked, in hot or cold dishes, and you won’t miss the pasta one little bit.

Here are 15 great summery zucchini noodle recipes to get you started.

1. Zucchini noodles and grilled shrimp

Image: What Gaby’s Cooking

Spiralized zucchini is the perfect complement to grilled seafood. Try this zucchini noodles and grilled shrimp recipe for a light, summer meal.

2. Vegan zoodles with avocado pesto

Image: Keto Diet Blog

Are you vegan and looking to load up on your vegetables this summer? These vegan zoodles with avocado pesto are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

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3. Zucchini “pasta” salad topped with avocado spinach dressing

Image: Sugar Free Mom

Mason jar salads are a great on-the-go lunch. Pack yours with zucchini “pasta” salad topped with avocado spinach dressing.

4. Grilled zucchini lasagna

Image: All Day I Dream About Food

Grilling thin slices of zucchini turns them into perfect lasagna noodles and makes for a much lighter, summery version of the cold-weather casserole. Grilled zucchini lasagna.

5. Zucchini pasta in a lemon cream sauce

Image: The Novice Chef

Want bright, summery flavors for your zucchini noodles? Try this zucchini pasta in a lemon cream sauce.

6. Zucchini noodles with fig, arugula and pancetta

Image: Tasty Yummies

Nothing says summer like fresh figs. Try pairing them with fresh arugula and some pancetta for a satisfying zoodle meal. Zucchini noodles with fig, arugula and pancetta.

7. Mediterranean zucchini noodle pasta

Image: The Roasted Root

Mediterranean flavors are always in season, and this Mediterranean zucchini noodle pasta is light, fresh and easy.

8. Creamy chicken alfredo with mushrooms

Image: Fluffy Chix Cook

Want your zoodles to be a little more satisfying? Try this creamy chicken Alfredo with mushrooms.

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9. Zucchini noodles with cilantro-lime chicken

Image: iFOODreal

Hot weather calls for fun and feisty Mexican flavors, just like these zucchini noodles with cilantro-lime chicken.

10. Creamy Mediterranean zoodles

Image: Simply Healthy Family

Creamy sauces don’t have to be heavy and thick. This creamy Mediterranean zoodle recipe uses yogurt and avocado to create light flavors that don’t overwhelm the palate.

11. Vegan Mexican zucchini bowl

Image: Kalyn’s Kitchen

If you want to do Mexican but also keep it vegan, this vegan Mexican zucchini bowl will be right up your alley.

12. Edamame-tossed zoodles with honey walnut vinaigrette

Image: The Tasting Page

Think outside the box and play with great flavor combinations, like these edamame-tossed zoodles with honey walnut vinaigrette.

13. Zucchini noodles with lemon-chia chicken

Image: Food Faith Fitness

Get tons of nutrition this summer with superfoods like chia seeds. They add great flavor to dishes like these zucchini noodles with lemon-chia chicken.

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14. Shrimp scampi with zucchini noodles

Image: Joyful Healthy Eats

Garlic, butter and shrimp are so good together. Lighten them up and turn them into a summertime meal with zoodles! Shrimp scampi with zucchini noodles.

15. Zucchini noodles and clam sauce

Image: Low Carb Yum

Traditionally heavy pasta dishes get a light, summery makeover when zucchini noodles are involved. Just like this zucchini noodles and clam sauce recipe.

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