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10 Times Australian food took over Instagram


From cafes and pizzerias to milk bars and food trucks, various places across Australia are serving up treats that have social media sites going nuts. These 10 mind-blowing concoctions have people everywhere snapping pics to show them off, and who could blame them?

1. Aqua S sea salt soft serve

Considered the “best soft serve in Sydney” by food bloggers alike, this savory froyo has become the “it” dessert to have on your Instagram. The flavours may seems weird, such as pumpkin soup and black sesame, but the creamy treat is worth the hype.

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2. Pâtissez Shake & Cake Lords Shop

The Internet went absolutely bananas over these outrageous milkshakes, which even made headlines in the news. Pâtissez has only one location in Canberra, but it probably won’t be long until these genius shakes are everywhere.

3. Kayter co. coconuts

Who would have thought that coconut water could be so decadent? These clever little coconuts at Kayter co., located in Sydney, are topped with everything from full caramel apples to passionfruit cronuts. Wow.

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4. The Whisk & Crumb

Believe it or not, there are actually doughnuts under there. Also offering cakes, tarts, caramel apples and cookies galore, Sydney’s The Whisk & Crumb has something for anyone to post about.

5. N2 Extreme Gelato
N2 Extreme Gelato serves up some absolutely crazy treats for the most daring foodies of Australia, with locations in both Sydney and Melbourne. This beer and cuttlefish combo is just one example of the unthinkable flavors and pairings they offer.

6. Vogue Cafe
The Instagram photos posted from Vogue Cafe in Sydney include gigantic french fries and hamburgers, elaborate milkshakes with ice cream cones on top, sandwich melts covered in cheese, and just about anything else you can think of.

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7. The Doughnut Bar

Australian foodies consider themselves lucky if they can catch Australia’s first food truck dedicated to doughnuts. These delicious Brisbane-baked doughnuts and cronuts travel around the city, featuring an ever-changing menu of crazy creative flavours.

8. Brunetti Cafe

A quick search of the Brunetti Cafe hashtag will show you thousands of photos of the various pastries, ice cream sandwiches, macarons, pastas, pizzas, doughnuts and, seen here, gelato that this Melbourne hot spot serves up.

9. The Milk Bar

Located in Redfern, The Milk Bar offers a wide menu of all sorts of burger porn, ranging from the classic cheeseburger to a peanut butter and maple bacon concoction with cinnamon doughnuts for buns. All the burgers are served on their house-made milk buns.

10. Via Napoli Pizzeria

Via Napoli Pizzeria in Sydney makes pizzas up to two metres long, a true dream to any pizza lover out there. Voted one of the best pizzerias in Sydney, Instagram foodies flock to post photos of the pizza that takes up a whole table.

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