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16 Genius recipes to use leftover coffee

We can all agree that morning is not complete without a fresh pot of coffee, but how often do you actually finish that whole pot?

Don’t pour your coffee castoffs down the drain. Instead, save them, and put them to good use in these tasty recipes.

1. Iced mocha with coffee cubes

Image: Honestly Yum

Use your leftover coffee to create the coffee cubes that give this drink its coffee kick. Add your favorite flavored coffee creamer to the finished drink for even more flavor.

2. Chocolate-coconut frappé

Skip the expensive coffeehouse frozen drinks, and make your own with your leftover coffee.

3. Cappuccino pancakes with mocha syrup

Image: Pastry Affair

Use your leftover coffee to make the mocha syrup that tops these amazing pancakes. No side of coffee needed.

4. Chocolate chunk coffee crumble muffins

Coffee adds wonderful flavor to your baked goods. Try it out with these chocolate chunk coffee crumble muffins.

5. Brewed and braised cherry chicken

Image: Food52

The bitter coffee and sweet cherries come together for an unforgettable taste in this dish, served over rice, mashed potatoes or greens.

6. Espresso-brined and sea-salted chicken

Image: Food52

The next time you make your famous wings, try marinating them in coffee first.

7. Slow cooker java beef stew

Image: Amanda’s Cookin’

Throw the ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning, and come home to this ready-to-eat meal in the afternoon.

8. Coffee chicken with smoked coffee barbecue sauce

Image: Lingering Aftertaste

Once you’ve topped your chicken with this coffee-infused barbecue sauce, you’ll never want to eat it any other way.

9. Coffee pops

These frozen treats will both cool you down and keep you going. Swap out the milk for your favorite creamer to add even more flavor.

10. Chocolate-coffee layer cake

Image: Completely Delicious

Coffee and chocolate are the perfect combination, and this dessert just made it even better.

11. Oatmeal chocolate chunk salted coffee caramel apple skillet cookie

Image: Half Baked Harvest

The salted coffee caramel is the perfect topping to this tasty skillet cookie.

12. Devil’s food Bundt cake with chocolate-espresso ganache

Image: Foodie Crush

This cake looks mouthwatering on its own, but it gets even better when you top it with gooey espresso ganache.

13. Mocha cupcakes with espresso cream frosting

Image: Brown Eyed Baker

We can’t think of a better use for your leftover coffee than these mocha cupcakes.

14. Peanut butter cupcakes and black coffee frosting

Image: A Beautiful Mess

We’re sure this black coffee frosting tastes fab on peanut butter cupcakes, but we’re betting it’s great on other desserts too.

15. Coffee pudding

Image: Not Without Salt

Mix your after-dinner coffee and dessert with this coffee pudding. Yum!

16. Iced raspberry café mocha

This drink is perfect for breakfast, as a midafternoon pick-me-up or for a bit of sweetness after dinner. Customize the flavor by adding your favorite coffee creamer to the finished drink.

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