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5 Questions we have about Lululemon’s new ‘Curiosity Lager’


Lululemon has come out with its own beer, called “Curiosity Lager,” and I have a few questions about it.

All we know so far is that this limited-release lager will be sold only in select Canadian liquor stores and that it is the official beer of SeaWheeze, a half-marathon festival in Vancouver. The company did hint at more beverages to come, however, so as a concerned consumer, I have some questions.

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How is Lululemon qualified, exactly?

We’re used to things such as matcha, bone broth and guayusa on its food blog, so this beer launch is a little bit out of left field. Had the company released a new line of superfood power balls or vegan green juices, I would not be that surprised. Beer, however, does not seem to fall within its expertise.

Does this mean beer drinkers can now pretend it’s healthy?

If it’s from the same store that promotes extreme health and wellness, then it must be good for me, right?

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If the company’s pants are meant for skinny people only, is its beer too?

Lulu has been known to solely target slender buyers, keeping all its bigger sizes hidden in the back of the store or not restocked at all. Is there a weight limit for drinking its beer too?

Can we count on a crazy-high price tag?

A pair of pants is about $98, so I can only imagine what a six-pack of Curiosity Lager is going to cost. Lulu yogis definitely don’t have cheap taste, so if the brand name has people shelling out that much for pants, I’m sure they’ll be willing to put down a pretty penny for this new hipster brew.

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Can beer and fitness be a thing now?

I’ve heard about the supposed benefits of drinking beer post run, but will this new lager gives us an excuse to drink after every physical activity? Apparently there are yoga studios out there that are going to combine a class with a tasting of the beer afterward. Not sure if this is legitimately good for recovery or just a way to get reluctant people to exercise with the promise of beer afterward. But hey, it wouldn’t be the worst fitness trend to hop on.

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