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‘Breathable booze’ bar opens in London

For a boozy experience you won’t forget head to London’s first “walk-in cloud bar” this summer. It comes courtesy of design studio Bompas & Parr, who are setting up their “Alcoholic Architecture” in the city’s Borough Market.

If you like the sound of getting drunk in a non-conventional way, get ready to inhale your favourite drinks from within inhabitable clouds. You’ll need to wear a special protective suit to enter your cloud of choice because it is completely made up of fine spirits and mixer at a ratio of 1:3, created using powerful humidifiers to make sure the air is totally saturated.

The alcohol enters the bloodstream through the eyeballs, the body’s mucus membranes and the lungs, bypassing the liver — which allows you to consume 40 percent less than normal to feel the same effect.

To enhance the experience even further, “Alcoholic Architecture” sits next to the U.K.’s earliest gothic cathedral and on the site of an ancient monastery. The cocktail menu is styled accordingly, entirely made up of drinks created by monks such as Chartreuse, Benedictine and Trappist.

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Bompas & Parr are the masters of flavour-based experiences and amazing architectural installations. In September 2014 they installed the world’s first working “Flavour Conductor” in London to “help whisky drinkers better appreciate the complex flavour profile of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.” In April 2015 they built a temporary “Chewing Gum Factory” in Dubai, consisting of 40,000 flavour combinations “to exalt and elevate the once-vilified medium of chewing gum to a state of high art and high design.” In May 2015 they turned the London Eye into a general election pie chart to reflect social media political chat.

“Alcoholic Architecture” opens on July 30 and runs until early 2016. Buy tickets here.

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