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10 Spam recipes that might change your mind about canned meat


Spam is oft considered the cheap meat you buy when you’re low on funds, but we think it’s kind of awesome. And apparently these bloggers agree with us.

1. Spam musubi

Spam musubi

Image: Two Red Bowls

Spam musubi is a ridiculously tasty, portable Hawaiian snack made by sandwiching a slice of Spam on a block of rice with a band of dried seaweed (nori). The basic recipe is very simple, with just four ingredients, but musubi can be made in a variety of different ways, with popular preparations including teriyaki, soy sauce or egg.

2. Gallina de madre

Gallina de Madre

Image: Jeffreyw/Flickr

Gallina de madre, or “mother hen toast,” gets a blue-collar makeover by substituting thin slices of salty Spam instead of prosciutto or ham and nestling it in a hefty piece of toasted country bread. Then cover it with a gooey, over-easy egg and a generous helping of creamy béchamel sauce.

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3. Spam fried rice

Spam fried rice

Image: Damn Delicious

Besides being a terrific way to clean out your fridge — and a way to load your kids up on those vitamin-packed vegetables they won’t eat otherwise — Spam fried rice makes for a quick and easy dinner in a pinch.

4. Spam ramen burger

spam ramen burger

Image: Kimchi MOM

There’s a new ramen burger in town. You can’t go wrong with this thick slab of Spam slathered in a sweet soy sauce glaze and cabbage kimchee between two bite-worthy al dente ramen buns. The Spam ramen burger is in a class of its own.

5. Scalloped potatoes, Spam and cheese

Scalloped Potatoes, Spam and Cheese

Image: Crustabakes

These creamy scalloped potatoes are baked up piping hot with cubed Spam and enough cheddar and Monterey Jack to satiate any cheese lover. It’s all right to fill up on potatoes when they’re this good.

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6. Spam fries with Key lime dip

Image: A Tiger in the Kitchen

You don’t have to travel to Singapore to try these deep-fried and insanely delicious Spam fries. Dipping them into a tangy Key lime mayo, you can transform this humble lunch meat into an exotic treat.

7. Budae-jjigae (army base stew)

Budae-jjigae (army base stew)

Image: Korean Bapsang

This irresistible fusion dish has its origins in postwar Korea, near Seoul. Koreans living around an American base there combined army rations, like beans, sausage and Spam, with traditional cuisine, like kimchee, hot pepper paste and dried kelp, creating what would soon become an unusual but deeply gratifying and umami-filled stew that is still popular today. A slice of American cheese is optional.

8. Slow cooker vegetable and Spam soup

Slow cooker vegetable and Spam soup

Image: This Mama Cooks

Slow cookers are a great way to turn those canned vegetables stacking up in your pantry into a warm, nourishing soup. This rich slow cooker vegetable soup cheats a bit by cooking up a can of Spam Lite for an extra-savory kick, but it’s worth a little extra effort.

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9. Spam loco moco

Spam Loco Moco

Image: Asian in America

This teenager-inspired rice bowl is now a permanent addition to restaurant menus all over Hawaii. Originally made with hamburger patties (and without the egg), there have been many variations over the years, but Spam loco moco is one of the most popular. Runny yolk and savory brown gravy mix with fluffy rice and salty, fried Spam to create a breakfast, brunch or breakfast-for-lunch dinner you can appreciate at any age.

10. Spam fritters

Spam fritters

Image: The English Kitchen

Available from any chippy (a fish-and-chips shop), Spam fritters are an English mainstay. Battered Spam is fried until it’s crispy and golden brown and served with a plateful of traditional English sides — chips, buttery mash, mushy or baked peas and perhaps a Branston pickle and a spot of malt vinegar.

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