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14 Gorgeous cobblers, crisps and crumbles worthy of stone fruit season

Stone fruit season is here, and although the popular expression is “easy as pie,” there’s almost nothing as easy as a cobbler, crisp or crumble. Lurking among these fruity desserts may just be your new go-to summer dessert, whether it’s a Charlotte, sonker or pandowdy!

1. Individual cherry-almond crumbles

Individual cherry almond crumbles

Image: Sift and Whisk

Amaretto (an almond liqueur), juicy, in-season cherries and a creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream are the keys to these delightful little ramekins of cherry-almond crumble.

2. Southern-style peach cobbler (gluten-free)

Southern-style peach cobbler

Image: The Bojon Gourmet

Somehow this stunning Southern-style peach cobbler, baked with maple sugar, bourbon and brown butter, also manages to be gluten-free. It’s nice to know that just because you have to avoid gluten doesn’t mean you can’t have a scrumptious cobbler like this one.

3. Blackberry sonker with dip

Blackberry sonker with dip

Image: Lottie + Doof

Nobody can seem to agree on just one way to make this seasonal Appalachian treat, but it’s hard to argue about it when you’re busy spooning up blackberry sonker and sweet custard into your maw (which now features purple-stained teeth)!

4. Apple-pear Biscoff crisp

Apple-pear Biscoff crisp

Image: Bake or Break

Crushed Biscoff cookies and fresh apples and pears make this spicy shortbread crisp a delightful departure from heavier cobblers.

5. Strawberry, rhubarb and bourbon cobbler with ginger-oat scones

Strawberry rhubarb bourbon cobbler with ginger oat scones

Image: The Bojon Gourmet

Like ebony and ivory and vanilla and chocolate, strawberries and rhubarb are a perfect pair that just never get old. This strawberries and rhubarb cobbler is twice-baked for an extra-thick, extra-luscious filling. After one forkful of the bubbling fruit and ginger-oat scone, you’ll know the exceptional dessert was well-worth the extra effort.

6. Blueberry-oat biscuit cobbler

Blueberry oat biscuit cobbler

Image: Sprouted Kitchen

Top this blueberry-oat biscuit cobbler with a heaping spoonful or two of your favorite yogurts, and have your dessert for breakfast. Because life is short.

7. Fruit crumble jars

Fruit Crumble Jars

Image: Boulder Locavore

Juicy peaches and ripe strawberries are topped with a sweet crumb topping laced with cardamom in these clever fruit crumble jars.

8. Huckleberry crisp

Huckleberry crisp

Image: Use Real Butter

Blueberry lovers will adore this huckleberry crisp, featuring a berry native to the U.S. that is sweeter and more flavorful than its blueberry cousins. Huckleberries are not yet widely commercially available, so you may have to (carefully, keeping in mind that some berries are poisonous!) collect them on your next hike, or seek them out at the farmer’s market if they’re local to you.

9. Apple Charlotte with vanilla crème Anglaise

Apple Charlotte with vanilla crème Anglaise

Image: Kitchen Joy

The apple Charlotte is closely related to the brown Betty, an English pudding that inspired generations of grunts, slumps, cobblers, crisps, crumbles, buckles, sonkers and pandowdies. We love this one’s elegant finished look.

10. Slow-cooker brown Betty

Slow cooker brown Betty

Image: Delish Knowledge

Need an easy way out of cooking a dessert for a party or potluck? Try this tasty brown Betty recipe you can make in a slow cooker.

11. Ginger-peach pandowdy

Ginger peach pandowdy

Image: Simmer Till Done

Like most cobblers and crisps, this ginger-peach pandowdy relies on fresh, quality ingredients to make a simple and unpretentious dessert spectacular.

12. Blueberry-nectarine buckle

Blueberry nectarine buckle

Image: Sweet Potato Chronicles

Bust out of your apple and peach dessert slump with this blueberry-nectarine buckle. Buttery streusel tops moist cake, blueberries and nectarines for an unforgettable after-dinner treat.

13. Strawberry-raspberry cobbler

Strawberry-raspberry cobbler

Image: Apples + Sparkle

You don’t have to use a cast-iron skillet for this strawberry-raspberry cobbler, but why wouldn’t you? This cast-iron cobbler will bake up aromatic and juicy, and the lemony biscuits on top are like the icing on the cake (so to speak).

14. Mom’s peach cobbler

peach cobbler

Everyone has that favorite recipe that Mom used to make, and this peach cobbler won’t disappoint.

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