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12 Thoughts every baker has when everything falls apart


Baking is tough. There’s a reason even some pro chefs admit up front that they just aren’t bakers. If you’re not a baker or you’re just learning how to bake, there are some moments you’ll just never forget (and sometimes seem to repeat no matter how many times you “learn that lesson”). These are the thoughts that plague every baker.

1. How long is it going to take for this butter to soften?

animated butter scared to be cut

Image: Giphy

2. I seriously really need it.

melting butter with a blow torch

Image: Giphy

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3. “Add baking soda”… I totally got this!

snow white bird helping with baking

Image: Giphy

4. Why are my biscuits so weird and acrid-tasting? Oh… baking powder!

creepy orange biscuit

Image: Giphy

5. The pet bird won’t even eat them…

bird shaking head no

Image: Giphy

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6. You pop the tray of oatmeal cookies into the oven… to see the two full cups of oats you forgot to use sitting pretty on the counter.

batman looking sad

Image: Giphy

7. Seriously.

ross from friends saying why would you do that

Image: Giphy

8. Not realizing you switched the salt and sugar until that first super-disgusting bite…

spongebob sour face

Image: Giphy

9. And then realizing one of your guests took that first super-disgusting bite before you did!

bawling andy sandberg

Image: Giphy

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10. Going to check on your cookies, only to realize you never preheated the oven (or even turned it on)…

unbaked cookie dough

Image: Giphy

11. Which is better than forgetting to set the timer!

burning oven

Image: Giphy

12. Giving up and passing off a professional’s dessert as your own — because after all that work, you deserve it.

opening a store-bought cake

Image: Giphy

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