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8 Movie theater snack hacks

Just because you’re stuck with the foods the movie theater has to offer doesn’t mean you can’t customize your snacks.

While some of these hacks require that you bring food or beverages in to complete the hack, many theaters (and some local laws) may prohibit bringing in some or all outside food and beverages. Follow the theater’s outside food/beverage policies and local laws, and pay any BYOB fees that may be associated with bringing in alcohol (where applicable).

1. Add your favorite candy (M&M’S, Junior Mints, Hot Tamales) to your popcorn

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Candy and popcorn… salty and sweet… salty, spicy and sweet — you can’t really go wrong.

2. Cinnamon-sugar or lime salt is great on popcorn
Some flavors work best when that popcorn is light on butter, though.

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3. Put fried cheese sticks on your burger

Some theaters are now selling pub food. Buy a couple of sliders and an order of mozz sticks, and skip dinner before the movie.

4. Use a straw to butter your popcorn

If you put a straw into your popcorn and connect it to the butter dispenser, you can use it to get your whole tub evenly buttered by lowering the popcorn container slowly until all layers are coated.

5. Sriracha pizza, popcorn or nachos

sriracha to go bottles

Image: Sriracha2Go

Buy a refillable key chain bottle of Sriracha sauce from Sriracha2Go, and use it to spice up your pizza, popcorn or nachos.

6. Better mustard for your pretzels

soft pretzel with stone-ground mustard

Image: Kricket/Flickr

A lot of theaters these days sell soft pretzels, but the mustard leaves a little to be desired. Bring your own tiny (preferably not glass!) bottle along with you. Or use a Sriracha2Go (above) for some spice.

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7. Did you say nacho dog?

nacho cheese hot dogs

Image: jeffreyw/Flickr

Nachos are good. Hot dogs are good. But wouldn’t a nacho dog be better? Crush your chips over the dog, and douse it with plenty of nacho cheese and jalapeños.

8. Sour Patch Kids and Sprite

This may be way too much… flavor… for some, but for others, it’s tart and bubbly heaven in a cup. Drop your Sour Patch Kids into a Sprite, wait a few (they cause extra fizziness!), and sip the pucker-inducing treat.

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