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Taco Tuesday: 10 Fast-food copycat tacos so you don’t have to leave the house


SheKnows Editorial

The only thing better than going out for tacos? Enjoying them without having to leave the house.

Thanks to these copycat recipes, you can finally enjoy your fave restaurant tacos without having to put on pants.

1. Copycat Doritos Locos tacos

Copycat doritos locos tacos

Image: 1 Fine Cookie

Once you find out how to make nacho cheese powder, I dare you to not put it on everything.

2. Copycat Jack in the Box fried tacos

Jack in the Box copycat taco recipe

Image: Buns in My Oven

Jack in the Box’s insanely cheap tacos are a true guilty pleasure, but making them at home removes some of the sketch factor so you can feel OK about enjoying one… or four.

3. Copycat Taco Bell gorditas

copycat taco bell gorditas

Image: Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice

Gorditas are tacos made on a puffy flatbread instead of a tortilla, and if you’re a total carb junkie like me, you’ll fall in love with this recipe.

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4. Copycat Rubio’s fish tacos

Copycat rubio's fish tacos

Image: Choosing Simplicity

Forget that trip to San Diego. With this copycat recipe, you can enjoy fresh fish tacos in your pj’s.

5. Copycat Taco Bell chalupas

Copycat taco bell chalupas

Image: Gluten Free on a Shoestring

Crispy, crunchy chalupas at home are a true treat — and this version is even gluten-free.

6. Copycat Applebee’s chicken wonton tacos

Copycat applebees chicken wonton tacos

Image: Just a Pinch Recipes

Tired of tradition? These copycat Applebee’s chicken wonton tacos will shake up your dinner routine in no time.

7. Copycat Qdoba beef tacos

Copycat Qdoba taco meat

Image: Sumptuous Spoonfuls

Once you make this copycat Qdoba taco meat, it’ll be hard to resist replicating their entire menu for a tasty feast.

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8. Copycat Chipotle barbacoa beef tacos

copycat chipotle barbacoa tacos

Image: Cooking Classy

These copycat Chipotle barbacoa beef tacos use the slow cooker in a recipe that’s way easier than getting in the car and actually ordering something at the restaurant.

9. Copycat Chili’s crispy chicken taco

Copycat chilis buffalo ranch crispy tacos

Image: Like Mother Like Daughter

These copycat Chili’s crispy chicken tacos have extra zest thanks to a healthy splash of copycat Winger’s sauce.

10. Copycat Bonefish Grill Bang Bang Shrimp tacos

copycat bonefish grill bang bang shrimp tacos

Image: A Palatable Pastime

Sweet and spicy chili mayo is the perfect sauce to dollop onto fried shrimp in this copycat Bonefish Grill Bang Bang Shrimp taco recipe.

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