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We tried Lay’s new mystery chips and it just left us with more questions


Every year, we editors eagerly await the Lay’s flavor contest so we can try out the crazy flavor that could end up actually being sold in stores.

There have been some winners and a few “Why would they ever make these?” contenders (hello, cappuccino flavor!)

This year, Lay’s kicked it up a notch by leaving the flavor off the bag and having the chip eaters guess the flavor. Fun, right? This is just like when Harry and his friends opened a bag of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans at least we won’t get dirt or earwax flavor, though right?

Our editors and interns taste tested the mystery flavors. Here’s our take.

Mystery flavor #1. Quotables: “This smells really weird.” “I can’t even tell what it’s supposed to be it’s like, fishy.”

Our flavor guesses: Old Bay, olive oil and pepper, steak and potatoes, oregano flatbread, oregano and chicken

Mystery flavor #2. Quotables: “Smells like dust.” “This tastes exactly like something, I just don’t know what.”

Our flavor guesses: grilled corn, egg drop soup, generic seasoning packet

Mystery flavor #3. Quotables: “It tastes sweet to me.” “It tastes like ketchup chips from Canada.”

Our flavor guesses: Jolly Ranchers, basil and tomatoes, fire-roasted tomato

Mystery flavor #4. Quotables: “This one tastes like normal chips.”

Our flavor guesses: chives & parmesan, sour cream, loaded baked potato, sour cream and onion

All in all, #4 seemed to be the best, although #2 was eaten the most in an attempt to try to figure out what the heck is tasted like. Our only hint? “All were inspired by the unique and distinct tastes of America from coast to coast.” The hint did very little to help us in our guesses, but check out Twitter for other takes on the mystery flavor. The brand will debut an oversized vending machine July 10 in Los Angeles that will dispense the mystery chips.

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